Journey in June

Believe it or not, we are getting the trusty motor home ready for our first big (two-week or so) trip!  Can you guess where our destination is?  Okay, I made it too easy.  We’re headed to Yellowstone.  Hubby has never been, and it’s such a glorious place – a veritable “must see”, so next week, we’re off!  Instead of making a new blog to chronicle our trip, I’ll post right here on Mizsuzee’s Musings!  I doubt I will have the opportunity to post every day, sometimes we’ll be just too busy, and other times we may run into difficulty getting internet connections.  But when I can post, I certainly will.  It’s still unknown if we will be taking Jinx the RV cat.   Because of unforeseen circumstances (ie: having the RV fridge repaired due to a sudden recall) we were unable to do a trial run with Jinx.  Because of that, I can say we are certainly a bit leery of just popping him in the MH and tooling on down the highways for two weeks.  At any rate, cat or no cat, we’re going.  We’ll cross our state, spend some time in Idaho, then buzz over to Montana and drop down into Yellowstone.  We’ll take a slightly different route the way home.  Not only will this be our first “big” MH trip, it will also be our first experience towing the car behind us.   That should be interesting, especially as we cross the Rocky Mountains at the continental divide.  Hubby says our diesel pusher engine can handle the hills, and I have to have faith in that.   So please follow along as we go on our first motor home adventure!   We leave next Wednesday, June 16th and to be quite honest, we sure do hope to come across some sunshine.  We’ve had very little of that bright light in the sky for the past oh, nine months or so.   Our fist leg of the journey will be to cross the North Cascades highway, here in Washington state.  Hope you’ll check on our progress and do feel free to leave comments! 🙂

May so soon?

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I felt like writing a real blog post.  Not quite sure why… but my guess would simply be “decompression” from all the stress from the month of March particularly.   It seems like I barely blinked and May is here.  Well, it certainly hasn’t felt like May here!  Day after day of rain and more rain, all the precipitation we didn’t get last winter.  And cold!  It was down to 37 degrees here last night.  Taking a leap of faith, believing that spring and summer will truly appear, I planted quite a few pots of flowers for our back deck, a hanging basket, and this  year, some veggies!  Three tomatoes (two of which appear to be frost bitten); zucchini and crookneck squash; green & yellow bell peppers; and a bunch of herbs in my former “strawberry” pot – you know, the one with all the little peek-a-boo openings?  I have to say that the basil I planted in the strawberry pot has already perished, possibly from too much water – or the cold night temperatures.  In a few weeks, I’ll replant the basil, it’s such a great herb to have fresh anytime you want it!

Dear Hubby is still recovering from the muscle tear in his psoas muscle and the hematoma that occurred after the tear.   Each day he gets a little better and for that we are both SO thankful, but it’s a looooong process for the body to reabsorb the blood that pooled in that muscle.  He’s walking daily on the treadmill and using the cane less and less.  His new hip seems to be fine – another thing to be very thankful for.  After suffering for weeks with this hematoma thing, the poor guy suddenly got a horrible tooth ache last week.  A trip to the dentist confirmed the worst, he needed a root canal.  Like I’ve said before, “when it rains, it pours”.  The dentist consulted carefully with the orthopedic surgeon to do what they could to prevent the infected tooth germs from traveling through his body directly to the new joint.   Yes, he’s on ten days of antibiotics.

While recovering from the hip and the hematoma and the root canal, we’ve taken some time to plan out our big summer trip in the motorhome.   We’re going to Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Yellowstone National Park.  Because summer is the busy season in Yellowstone, we’ve reserved our camping spots all along the way.   What’s still up in the air is whether or not we’ll have our “RV cat” with us….  Can Jinx tolerate two weeks on the road?  Can WE tolerate Jinx’s kitty yowling?  Since we are not sure of the answers to those vital questions, we hope to do a two night trip with Jinx in tow – to see how it goes.  We may be tearing our hair out by the end of it, but only time will tell.  I’ve told hubby that Jinx needs a friend to hang with in the motorhome, but so far I’ve had no luck convincing him to add to our family.  Even subtle hints like email links to adorable kitties on have not worked – yet.

Mother’s Day weekend is upon us, and this mother is actually quite excited.  On Saturday we are hosting the neighborhood game night.  Sunday afternoon we are going with the neighbors to a Mother’s Day brunch – a yearly tradition for us.  Then…. Sunday evening, I’m going with our neighbor Susan to Seattle for a B-I-G concert!  Susan and I are going to see a couple of 70’s icons – James Taylor and Carole King!  I’ve been to many concerts over the years and have seen many of my favorites, except JT.  The time has come!  These two are stellar songwriters AND singers.  The concert in Key Arena is slated to be “in the round”.  I’ve only been to one other concert configured like that – John Denver in 1978.  Nothing has ever topped that one.

Here’s wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all – to everyone who is a mom, who has a mom, and even to those hoping to be a mom.  🙂

Just for fun, my very favorite James Taylor song :