Saying goodbye to 2016

ny1I’ve read, or should I say noticed a few memes on Facebook recently saying something to the effect of: “Goodbye 2016, I can’t wait to see you go, you’ve been an awful year”.  I’m sure some of the people that have posted these statements have honestly had a bad year for whatever reason…. although I think that probably the vast majority are protesting political outcomes.  I’m so sick of politics I could scream. So in a way, I echo a slight relief of saying farewell to 2016 and all the crud that went along with the WAY TOO LONG AND DRAWN OUT presidential election.  Oh yes people, I would change the political process if I could. We’d have something like 3 months to get the job done – just like other civilized nations do. But I digress, this blog post is NOT about politics! It’s really my end of the year musings, my look at how I did regarding my 2016 resolutions, and plans for the future.   For me (politics aside), 2016 was a great year, with just one exception. In July we had to say goodbye to our precious kitty and RV buddy, Jinx the cat. I know I’ve talked about this in other posts so I won’t go on and on, but honestly, losing him was hard…. really hard.  We have been pet-free now for about 6 months… but folks, this is about to change!!  Hubby and I know we really want to get another furry companion, so at the end of January we’ll be going to the local shelter and waiting for a special kitty to meow to us in just the right way…. the way that tugs on your heart strings and says “take me”!  Of course I will do a post on that when it happens!! That will be big stuff! 🙂


Last December I made a post (click here to read) about my new focus for 2016. Number one on the list was decluttering my home.  Whoa baby, did I ever do a good job of that.  I spent months going through closets and cupboards, boxes and bins, getting rid of stuff…. from books to CD’s to clothing and housewares and everything in between. It felt good. It felt really good. I reorganized cupboards, closets, shelves, and our pantry.  My “junk” drawer was in good order…..and now, oh my goodness, it’s bad again.  The junk in the junk drawer is overflowing. The pantry is in near total disarray. My closet is full of too much stuff.  So, it’s going to start all over again in this little house!  The decluttering and organizing will begin anew in January!!  After going through ALL my clothes this past year and getting rid of bags and bags of stuff I didn’t like, want, or need (and I mean big black garbage bags full!), I thought I had it narrowed down to “just the good stuff”.  Now that it’s been nearly a year, I can see with new eyes, the things that I thought I needed/wanted but that I actually never used. If they haven’t been utilized in a year, then it’s probably time to say sayonara . So the decluttering will begin anew!

Number two on my list last year was to eat healthier foods.  Sometimes I’ve been successful at this, and other times not so much.  I am still making and consuming on a regular basis, my homemade cultured Kefir.  This stuff is not only delicious (in my humble opinion) but without a doubt, super-healthy for you.  Kefir contains a greater variety of strains of probiotics and beneficial yeasts than yogurt.  Making your own is easy and SO economical!  I buy a half gallon of milk on sale at the store for 99 cents and that will make me enough kefir for about 2 weeks. Of course, the price would go up if you bought organic milk – and who knows, I may do that at some point. It’s still much cheaper than buying ready-made kefir.        I failed at one of my goals for last year – and that was making my own fermented veggies, but next year will be a success!  I got an awesome Fermentation Crock (click here for details) for Christmas! I’m so excited to finally give this a go!  One thing I want to examine more carefully in 2017 is eating way less in the way of processed foods. No, I don’t want to get all fanatical about it, after all there is NO WAY I’m giving up my Kraft macaroni and cheese every once in a while, but I do want to try and and make things from scratch more. This could even mean making my own breads!  I have a sourdough starter kit from Cultures for Health, the same people who sold me my Kefir making “grains”. I really need to buckle down and give it a try and get that sourdough starter growing!!

Number three last year was to READ MORE and compute less, and in this I was totally successful!  I set a goal of 25 books for the year, and ended up reading 37!  I love to read, so this really wasn’t a difficult or tedious task for me, but I’m still proud of actually exceeding my goal for the year.  I will have the same goal for 2017, 25 books.  I enjoy using GoodReads,com for keeping track of my reading progress.

So, this brings us to next year, 2017. As you can see, my goals from last year still apply for this year – I’ll be reading, decluttering, cleaning & organizing, fermenting, and hopefully more physically active. It’s so dang easy to sit around or just do house work during the day, but I need to get out and take walks much more often.

I’m also looking forward to several things that are upcoming!  In January, we are flying to Hawaii to attend the wedding of my oldest, Aaron. He’s 39 and two years ago he finally found his “soul mate” in Andrea (Andie). We’ll spend a week on the island of Maui with family and friends, and then after the wedding we’ll be going on our own to the Big Island for a few days. Should be fun!  When we return, it’s off to the Humane Society to find the next furry member of our family – can’t wait!  Later on in the spring, we hope to get down to our southern hang out (Palm Springs) and spend some sunny days there – hubby playing golf and me having pool time!  We have RV trips in the works with our delightful neighbors this coming summer also. I hope our new kitty is adaptable – he/she will need to enjoy being at home in the northwest, the sunshine of southern Cal, and on the road in the RV!

Here’s wishing everyone a truly wonderful 2017 ~~ and let’s not wish our years away like the folks who put up the memes I mentioned at the beginning of this post…. after all, we don’t know how many years any of us have left! People (celebrities, anyway) seem to be dropping like flies lately 😦   A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!!!!



Another New Year

Happy New YearSeems like a few short months ago I was writing about the beginnings of another new year – and here we go again!   First off, Christmas.   We had a lovely Christmas this year, and a white one to boot.  That in itself is nearly unheard of here in western Washington.  Son #1 and his girlfriend almost didn’t make it up here due to all the white stuff.  DH had to fire up the 4X4 and go ‘rescue’ them at the bottom of our hill.  Once they got here, we were literally snowbound for the next two days…. which actually was fine, as we really had nowhere we needed to go.  We had a great time playing with the new Wii system brought to our household by Santa, playing board games, and dominoes.  Plenty of good food, a few glasses of “Christmas Cheer” and warm snug beds at the end of the day.  Delightful.

Finally on December 28th I was able to get to work… first time in a couple of weeks.  You know, I just love being home, but… leaving here twice in about 18 days… well that was just a bit much.  I was developing a serious case of cabin fever!  I was actually excited to go to work! 

And here we are… New Years Day, 2009.  Wasn’t it just a couple years back when DH and I welcomed in the new millennium?  When we were all up in arms about how the “Y2K bug” was going to affect anything and everything?  Is it really nine years later?  Well, to answer my own question, YES, it is!  Instead of ‘resolutions’ this year, I do have a few goals.  Just to clarify, I am NOT going to mention the obvious goal… the same one I have every year… the one I’ve miserably failed at over and over.  Nope, that one (while still a goal) will be left undocumented.   Instead, some other goals – in no particular order – of things I really do hope to accomplish in 2009.

  • Continue to DE-clutter my home.  Keep the things I really love and those that are truly useful.
  • Preplan a long weekend at the beach (rent a large home) and arrange for ALL the kids and grand kids to come.
  • Sponsor a child from Mexico through Compassion International.
  • Do some baking with yeast!  Sourdough (DH’s favorite), some rustic breads, and maybe some sweet dough for cinnamon rolls or butterhorns.
  • See more of my 94 year old Dad!
  • Get brave and actually PAINT some of the rooms in this nearly all-cream-colored- home!
  • Rearrange some furniture in my living room to accommodate more seating without looking too crowded (not sure if this is possible).
  • Attend spring barrel tasting again over in the Yakima Valley.

Those are just a few of my plans/goals for the upcoming year.  I think I could probably go on and on… but I will simply say that I’m wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, and memorable New Year 2009!