Grocery store adventures……..

Yesterday I was wandering through the grocery store and noticed a lot of stuff that I haven’t eaten in the past few months.  The further I got through the store, the more deprived I began to feel.   It’s just not good for a person who is trying to drop some poundage to suddenly begin to feel deprived.   The foods begin to take on a voice of their own, and in no time at all there was a veritable cacophony of pleas to “eat me, eat me!” and “don’t you miss me?”  It all started when I approached the bakery section of our local supermarket.  Keep in mind that this particular store has the most delicious bakery.  Everything made right there in the store, every day… and the smells are killer too, I must add.   When I spied the sesame bagels resting quietly behind their plexiglass case, I could have sworn that I heard one whisper, “just reach your gloved hand right in here, girlfriend.  You want to take me home, I KNOW you do.”  I turned my head quickly away, refusing to listen to another word any of the bagels might have to say.  In doing so, my eyes accidentally came upon the donut case.  OMG.  Donuts, crullers, maple bars, jelly filled, cheese Danish…  Did I mention that these are fresh-made every single day?  Right there in the store?  My inner fortitude took over, I wiped the drool from my chin, and moved on.   A few steps due east and around the corner I passed by the cured meat department.  I refused to pay ONE bit of attention as Mr.  Bacon called out something about life just not being the same without him.  Okay, he may have a point, but I refused to listen.  Before I reached the dairy section where my plan was to grab two quarts of 1% milk (I simply will not stoop to drinking skim milk.  Life is truly too short to consume that watered down crap), I was accosted by a carton of Philadelphia cream cheese.  Everyone who knows me well, knows I was pretty much raised eating cream cheese on everything. I love the stuff and will fully admit it.  This particular carton of the gorgeous whipped stuff reminded me ever so subtly that it would sure go good on one of those bagels back there… My gosh.  This was a conspiracy.  They were ALL out to get me.  My weakened willpower began to fade further.  After all, it’s been something like ten weeks since I’ve indulged in some of those really delicious tidbits in life.  Don’t I deserve a treat?  Deserve.  Now there is another dangerous word for people who are in the process of a “trim down”.   I knew I had a big fight on my hands and I was really going to have to beef up my resolve to get through this.  It’s a good thing I did because just at that moment the “Simply Potatoes” (those fresh – NOT frozen – hash browns in the bag) waved at me.  Oh yeah, I thought, I remember you, frying you with REAL butter sizzling in the pan… you and Mr. Bacon.  I had to stop the fantasizing immediately.  My last and most difficult test of the day was just around the corner.  I passed an “end cap” – you know, one of those big displays at the end of an aisle where they were featuring a special sale item?  Today it was Lays Potato Chips.  Oh dear Lord!  The fact is that THIS is my biggest weakness.  Forget the donuts, the cream cheese, even Mr. Bacon… I can live without them all… but chips!  Lays Mesquite Barbecue Chips!!  Now that is the answer to a poor deprived person who deserves a treat. I thought about the feel of that bag in my hands, the smell that wafts from it the moment it’s first opened, the glorious taste of the perfectly seasoned tender potato crisps…  And then, without touching one bag, I began to think about how much better I feel and also about how much more weight I need to lose!  Falling in to the chip trap could be dangerous.  Don’t all dieters consider giving up if they’ve “fallen off the wagon”?  Eating the chips would certainly qualify as falling off the wagon.  I decided it wasn’t worth it.  Not this time.  I need to hang on to the wagon for quite some time yet.  I’m happy to say that I won and the chips lost.  This round, anyway.