A delightful week

The sun is shining, the skies are blue, and it’s been a great week here in the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48.  We were blessed not only with fabulous weather for Memorial Day weekend, but also with a visit from son #2 and dear DIL.  It was shocking to realize that they had not been over since last August!  M&M May 09 Aren’t they a couple of cuties?  Ok, I’ll admit I’m a bit biased… maybe a LOT biased. 🙂

Anyway, it was great to have the kids here for the weekend.  We enjoyed playing Wii,  a rousing domino tournament,  a delicious barbecue, golf for the guys, a bit of ‘retail therapy’ for the girls, and neighborhood game night too!

Suz, Min, tart!Another fun thing was making a tart with dear DIL!   I’d purchased a tart pan last fall, thinking I’d give it a try, and had never done it.   It just sat there in the cupboard, empty and lonesome.  DIL suggested we try making a berry tart – and folks, this thing not only looked great, it tasted marvelous as well!

Last night we buzzed across the border to see granddaughter Emily in her Irish dance recital.  I love Irish music and Irish dancing, and we think Emily did a fantastic job!  Please check out the video I made on youtube.  🙂

Today we had a deer family stroll through the front yard.  Normally I’m not a “deer lover” because they voraciously destroy my plant life.  But today, well, they were so adorable I had to snap a photo.  new baby deer

This is the ultimate SURE SIGN that spring has truly arrived.  Aren’t they soooo cute?!! (until they get bigger and start eating my roses!!)

Happy Spring, and happy weekend everyone!

Bits and pieces

winter3.jpgThis time, just some snippets of what’s going on in my life……

  • Took a great (but short) trip over to Eastern Washington to see friends and family.  I had to fly instead of drive because the mountain passes have been closed more than they have been open this winter – due to continual very heavy snowfall.  It was fantastic to get to see my Dad (age 93 and doing quite well, considering), my brother, my son and daughter in law, as well as my great friend Christie.  Went out to dinner one night with Christie and I was able to help get her taxes ready to mail.  That really made me feel good because last year she spent about $300 in tax prep fees.  Ridiculous!  Dad enjoyed the yummy beef stew and corn bread I cooked up for him the next night 🙂  My brother and I went over some of my “investments” – as he’s my bestest ‘Investment Counselor’!  Got to spend the nights with #2 Son and DIL, the granddogs (beagles Bojangles and Buckley) and grandkitties too.   Dad and I were talking about some of the now dearly departed relatives, and he reminded me of my great Aunt who lived to 107!  It would be so great if Dad would make it to the 100’s — and still have his wits as he does now! 
  • I’ve been studying frantically for my NRP renewal (Neonatal Resuscitation), something I have to accomplish every other year.  Mine is up this month, so it’s up to me to complete and pass the nine tests online, and then do the “megacode” practical stuff with my real life instructor.  The megacode is set for Tuesday, so I have got to get this all done this weekend.  Endotracheal intubation anyone?? 🙂
  • I joined an online book club!  It’s over at www.notquitejunecleaver.com  and I’ve ordered my book- just waiting for it to arrive.  I’m a HUGE user of the local library, but this particular book was not available, so it is Amazon.com that’s coming through for me this time.  This is my first “book club” experience although I’ve often wanted to give it a try, so I’m pretty excited.
  • I recently learned of a fantastic website for book lovers.  It’s www.paperbackswap.com  If you would like to see some of your books go to people who really want them, or, if you are looking for a special book FOR FREE, then do check it out.  When I say “free”, I do mean it.  You have to be willing to pay to ship the books you want to share – at the media mail rate.  As you do that, other people will do the same for you.   It’s fantastic.  I’ve shipped out several of my already read English author books to gals who are “into” that stuff like I am!  I’m more than happy to do it — with the hopes of finding some of my favorites online as well.  I do encourage book fanatics to check it out!

I guess that’s about it for this time.  Back to taking those online NRP tests… Four down, five to go!!!