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This is just a brief note to say that I had a change of heart, and decided to review my books under the “Books 2012” tab at the top of the page.  I had planned to again place my reviews within the body of my blog, but with the upcoming arrival of our twins, I decided I would separate the personal stuff from the book stuff.  I have finally reviewed my first three books today. Just click on “Books 2012” to see what I’ve been reading.

Hello 2012!

It’s only taken me 12 days, but here I am, ready for my first blog post of the year.  At the end of last year, I stated that I’d be reviewing books under the tab of “Books 2012” as I’ve done in the past.   You may have noticed that the tab, “Books 2012” has disappeared.  Yep, I’ve changed my mind.  It’s all for a good reason – I’m participating in the Historical Fiction Challenge 2012 and as a participant, I need to leave links to my book reviews.  If I post all my reviews on the separate page, then every review will have the same link, and people would have to scroll through them all, each time.  So, it’s back to reviews in the body of the blog, where each posting has it’s own link.

Our Vacation Rental Home in Indian Palms Country Club

It’s been a hauntingly mild winter here so far…. but I’m afraid that’s all about to change.  “They” are predicting snow for this weekend and much of next week.  I used to love snow.  Now I hate it with a passion.  It’s all because of that nasty 88 mile drive I make weekly into Seattle for work.  Since I have no control whatsoever over the weather, I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.   On another note, next week we are headed to the Palm Springs California area, to work on getting our vacation/rental home ready for use!  I checked the weather forecast for that area, and YAY!  It’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70’s the entire time we are there.  Honestly, that place is heaven-on-earth this time of year. Recently, hubby pretty much finished and then published the website for our vacation rental home.  There are still some tweaks to be made and additional pictures to be added, but do feel free to check it out at:

I also have an update regarding our twins.  Yesterday dear DIL went to the OB doc and was told it was time for her to quit work and be horizontal more than she is vertical.  They are not actually calling it “bedrest” yet, but her activities must be very limited.  She has another appointment on Friday with a “high-risk” OB specialist, so we’ll know more then.  We would sure appreciate prayers for both mommy and babies and for a safe delivery.  Here is last week’s baby bump photo.

It’s amazing how much we already love these babies that we haven’t even met yet.

On a completely different note, let’s talk about the football playoffs!  Okay, my team (Seahawks) didn’t make the playoffs – no surprise.  Normally I have little interest in the post season, until the SuperBowl happens…. but this year — well folks, there’s a phenomenon happening.  He’s called Tim Tebow.  I love this guy!  He’s young, he’s fit, he’s the quarterback for the Denver Broncos (a team I used to love to hate).  He’s not the best quarterback in the league, but he is doing his best to lead the team in his 2nd season.  He is very open about his faith in God, and frankly, it’s refreshing to see a successful young guy who is not afraid to tell the world where he gets his strength.  We’ll be watching Saturday night as Denver takes on New England for the next round of the playoffs.

Soon, I’ll be posting my first book review of the year!  More updates on our twins as they happen!