About Me

Suz59I am a happily married woman with 2 grown sons, two daughters in law, two adorable grand kids, and a beautiful kitty named Frankie!  I worked for nearly 35 years as an NICU RN here in the great Northwest!  I love to cook, read, and travel – but most of all I love the comfort of home. I also enjoy writing when I have the time and inclination and hope you’ll enjoy my musings.

One thought on “About Me

  1. Since you visited my book blog http://jeanette0605-jeanette.blogspot.com/ and were nice enough to leave a comment I thought it only polite that I reciprocate.

    You and I have very similar reading tastes. One of my best reads last year was Skeleton at the Feast. I also loved The Midwives. A very good friend of mine who grew up in East London during the period covered in the book and she said it portrayed her own childhood experiences so accurately that it was if she herself had written it .

    With your permission I will include a link to tour blog on my Reading Journal Blog.

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