Post Election Thoughts

We’ve just been through a really difficult election in our country. The voting public is still very divided. I watched as so many people on Facebook felt the need to share their political convictions with others and in doing so, alienated about half of their friends. After all, don’t most of us have friends of different persuasions? I do. I live in a diverse neighborhood and I love all my neighbors. We are black, white, gay, straight, married, single, republican, democrat. We may vote for different people, but despite all that, we still care for each other. We still have hope that there is GOOD in our futures. It really bothers me that people feel the need to attack (verbally or otherwise) folks who may have voted different than they did. It also annoys me big time when people who own retail companies decide to share their thoughts about politics. One company that I have purchased from many times, flat out insulted customers who voted differently than they did – and did it in a scathing, public way. This makes absolutely NO sense to me. Do they only want revenue from customers who voted for their candidate? I am not naming the company in this diatribe, but I do know that I’ll have to think pretty hard before buying from them again. On a similar note, a person who has had a very upbeat blog about food and decorating and all things homey, turned one of her posts into a very long and unpleasant political statement that had me wondering again, why? Probably 50% of her readers voted differently than she did, and yet demeaning their choice was something that she apparently just HAD to do. I’m not sure I’ll be reading more of her blog – I loved it when it was a “happy place” but I’m not loving it now. I do hope my country can somehow be united again, because this deep, horrible division is painful. Yes, painful. The good thing? My neighbors, as different as we all are, are at peace. And that’s the way it should be.

4 thoughts on “Post Election Thoughts

  1. So true, Susan. It’s wild the division we’re seeing in our world today. And I know which blog you were speaking of–sounds like you and I (and a few hundred/thousand other folks) felt the same, “Why do that?” way about it. Joyce Meyer often talks about how, when we’re squeezed, that’s when what’s inside us really comes out. That appears to be true from what we’ve seen lately. What a test for us not to become all crazy, right? My, my, my. Wild times. 🙂

    • I really like the quote you mentioned by Joyce Meyer… I had never thought of that, but wow, it truly speaks volumes! I’m still SO surprised that one of our favorite bloggers, when “squeezed”, spewed out the stuff that she did. So disappointing. I mean, WE contribute to the lifestyle she loves living, and then we get “slapped in the face”. Just senseless. And you know what? I have an inkling that she’d love to take it all back, and keep those “squeezed out thoughts” all to herself if she could. Just goes to show that one should ruminate on one’s thoughts before letting them spew forth, unchecked.

      • Hi again, Susan! Just thought I’d pop over and ask if you’d seen the latest newsletter from our ‘mystery blogger.’ 🙂 I think you’re right that she’d like to take back her earlier comments, for these latest ones were much more balanced, hopeful and encouraging. Much shorter, too. Heh. They made me feel better about all the previous stuff, anyway. So, well, yay! 🙂 Talk with you later….. Debra

  2. Oh yes Debra! I read the newsletter yesterday, expecting more of the “crud”, but thankfully it was not there – well, nearly not there and like you said, much more balanced and encouraging. I almost didn’t even read it, but I’m glad I did. I think she’s smart enough to get back to what made us all enjoy her so much, and that makes me ever so happy!!!

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