An Autumnal Getaway

cruise-shipBack in 2013, hubby and I took a very exciting trip to Europe and did a Mediterranean cruise.  We got to see lots of all new places and totally enjoyed it — well, until I got a really nasty nasty cold, two days before the end of the 10 day cruise….. but I digress.  We love cruising. I could write an entire blog post on Why We Love Cruising but instead of that, I’ll give a couple of the biggest reasons. Number One:  You get to see lots of different places and only have to unpack once.  Number Two:  Somebody else does the “driving” & your food, “hotel”, and some entertainment are all included in the price.   There are pages I could write on choosing the right cruise line for you, the cruise destination, the type of cabin, and how to get a good price on the cabin you choose – but instead I’m just going to talk about the cruise we chose.

We’ve decided to do an Autumn Canada – New England cruise this year.  It’s been three years for us and honestly, I’ve been champing at the bit to go again.  Last year we nearly booked a similar trip, but just could not justify the price we were going to have to pay, so we canceled it. This year, we found a slightly shorter cruise, 10 nights instead of 14, on a different cruise line, and a different class of cabin – one that was more affordable, AND, since we no longer had a sick kitty that needed twice-daily medication  😦   well, we decided to go for it.  Some people when choosing a cruise, look at the ship and it’s amenities first. We don’t. We look at the itinerary first because we really enjoy exploring NEW places, and the ship itself doesn’t really matter to us (the cruise line does matter, but the particular ship, no).  In fact, this time we selected an “Inside” cabin to save some more money.  We have friends who have told us that having an Inside cabin (no porthole) is perfectly fine and comfortable – and after all you’re really only in your cabin to sleep, anyway.  In the past, I’ve loved having a Balcony Cabin, but we’re going to try an Inside this time. 

In 2009 we went on a similar cruise to Canada and New England, but this time we picked all new ports, except for one repeat, Halifax Nova Scotia.  We’ll get to Maine, Prince Edward Island, Massachusetts, Quebec City, & Newport Rhode Island. This will be our 7th cruise. Sometimes we’ve traveled with friends, sometimes on our own… this time it will be just the two of us.


I’m so excited to go on our little “Autumnal Getaway” this year!  I’m sure I’ll post some pics to Facebook along the way, and will definitely report back here with the full recap.  The pictures above show…. a lighthouse in Maine, the hotel Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, a pastoral scene on Prince Edward Island, and the waterfront mansions of Newport Rhode Island. 

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