Check out my book reviews!


Hello everyone!  Just wanted to remind you that I have five book reviews so far this year, listed under the tab “Books 2016”, located at the top of the page.  I’ve read a few good ones already!!!!  I set a personal goal to read more and compute less (less computer time) and have been doing fairly well on that front I’m happy to report. I normally have at least two books going – one you can hold in your hand, and one on my Kindle.  I’m also listening to a delightful audio book at the moment, which I hope to review in the next week or so.  Just got a notice from my wonderful local library that a MUCH awaited book is ready for pick-up… it’s the brand new one by Pulitzer Prize winner, Elizabeth Strout called My Name is Lucy Barton. Keeping my fingers crossed that this new novel is half as good as the one that won the Pulitzer, Olive Kitteridge – what a great read that was!!!!


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