Beginning my de-clutter journey

So I’ve done it. I’ve read the very popular book about the magic of tidying up and keeping things that ‘spark joy’ (see my book review under “Books 2016” tab at top of page).  While I didn’t agree with or even understand the whole concept, I do know that I’m definitely IN for the de-clutter challenge of 2016.  Well, that’s what I’m calling it, anyway.  I also started a de-clutter challenge with a really sweet YouTuber, Jen.  She gives us (the viewers)  tasks to accomplish five days a week and so far I’ve done pretty good.  Which brings us to this:


This is the contents of my junk drawer.  What a huge pile of….. junk!  Some of it is definitely useful, so it couldn’t all just GO.  By the way, the author of the aforementioned tidying book says she does NOT believe in junk drawers. Okay. That’s fine, but I wanted to keep my junk drawer – the deal is, I just wanted to open the drawer and be able to find my junk!  Here’s another view of the mass of stuff that had found it’s way into the drawer:


Actually, it’s hard to believe I was physically able to cram all this paraphernalia into one single area. It’s embarrassing that I’d amassed such a conglomeration of useful things mixed in with total garbage. Shame on me!  But, this is not about shaming, it’s about keeping useful things and things that spark joy.  Here is a pic of me, trying to decide just exactly what that spark of joy feels like:


The book’s author says to hold each item in your hand and decide how you feel about it. Just for the record, I kept both of the above shown items 🙂  A LOT of things did not make the cut. Some found better homes, with like items… but much of it ended up in the round file.  Here’s the finished look:


Wow. I can see everything I’ve got now.  I no longer have to DIG and ROOT around for anything, and I love that feeling. I hope to keep it (and all my other drawers, cupboards, closets, and cabinets) neat in the future.  YAY!

Today’s YouTube de-clutter task was to clean out your under sink area. I should have done a before and after but I just did an after.


Heck, it may take all year, but I am really determined to get this place into shape 🙂  My absolute WORST area (not counting the garage, because I am not “in charge” of the garage, someone else has to step up to that massive task…. well, I could do it, but the hubby is going to have to make some of these keep or discard decisions too) … oops, as I was saying, my worst area in the house is our home office.  It’s the 3rd bedroom that is a proverbial “catch all” for anything and everything. That’s gonna be a biggie. That project I’m saving for last. Oh my.

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