Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase

mrs sinclairs suitcI recently finished this debut novel by English author Louise Walters. First off let me say that it is set during my favorite era, WWII – and particularly WWII in England.  I’d read some reviews before obtaining this book, and was pretty sure I’d enjoy it, which I did.  It succeeded in keeping my interest throughout with a few little twists here and there…. but…. (uh oh) I was somewhat disappointed in the premise of the novel – not because it wasn’t good, or even believable, but because it’s overused. Recently I’ve noticed so many of these historical fiction books tend to follow a similar pattern: Modern day woman comes across a {trunk, box, drawer, suitcase} that belonged to a very old {aunt, friend, stranger, grandmother} and discovers a secret that needs to be uncovered.  Hey, it’s a good storyline, but frighteningly worn out of late. At any rate, our modern day woman works in a used book store. She finds all sorts of things in the used books. One day her father brings in to the store a suitcase full of her grandmother’s old books. Inside one of those books she finds a letter….. let the story begin!  The novel flutters back and forth between modern day and 1940-41 and I had no problem following the flow of things. If you are a fan of this era like I am, you’ll like the book.  It’s not exactly “mind-blowing”, but still a good read.

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