The Taming of the Queen

tamingI just finished the latest in Philippa Gregory’s Tudor series, The Taming of the Queen – a book about Kateryn Parr, King Henry VIII’s sixth and final wife.  Ms Gregory calls this a book of fiction, and she does take some literary license when describing some of the “behind closed doors” scenes and dialogues, but that said, I know this book was meticulously researched.  Who knew Queen Kateryn was the first woman to ever publish a book in English, in her own name? Who knew how strongly she believed in the Reform movement in the church at that time in history? Who knew that there were plots within Henry’s court to have her tried as a heretic and removed?  I learned so much and enjoyed every single page along the way. If you are a Philippa Gregory fan; if you are a Tudor fan; if you are simply enthralled by English history, you will thoroughly enjoy this remarkable new novel.

Back in 2009, hubby and I made a marvelous trip to England and Wales. One glorious day we were able to visit Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s favorite residence. That day we were able to watch and even take part in a reenactment of the marriage of King Henry to Queen Kateryn.  Here is the short video I took that day:

Oh my, how I’d love to go back to Hampton Court and see it all again.  This time I’d also like to stop by Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire – where Kateryn Parr is buried.  Here’s a photo of Sudeley Castle and garden.

Time to make a trip across the pond and eat up some more very interesting history – I wish!! 🙂


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