The battle of the under-eye correctors

I have horrible under eye dark circles. They certainly don’t come from the lack of rest – at least for me…. I think they’re hereditary.  I’ve had them all my life and have been fighting with them all my adult life, I think!  I enjoy watching reviews of products on YouTube, and learned all about correctors – as opposed to concealers.  Correctors are supposed to negate the look of dark under eye circles by using the color spectrum. Apparently yellow is opposite on the color wheel to purple — and peach… well, peach is just supposed to be the best at counteracting those pesky dark circles.  You need to put on your corrector before your concealer.  Okay, so after watching YouTube for a couple of years, I determined that Bobbi Brown’s corrector in “Light Peach” was a necessity! The price was $25.00 but I was pretty sure this was the LONG AWAITED answer to my under-eye problems.  About the same time I got (on sale!) the Physicians Formula under eye corrector in “Yellow”. The regular price for this is about $6.50 but I think I paid about $4.50 for it.  I have owned both these products now for about 18 months and finally decided to put them to the test – head to head – and see if the much more expensive Bobbi Brown brand would blow the PF brand out of the water.  So last week, I snapped a few photos as I was applying makeup.  Warning: Most of these pics are scary. Me without makeup is very scary. 

eye1So here I am, showing the scary, dark undereye circles. Nasty, aren’t they. I hate them.

eye3Here are my weapons of choice – Physicans Formula yellow stick corrector on the left; Bobbi Brown Light Peach corrector on the right.

eye2In this shot you can see that I’ve applied the correctors onto bare (but moisturized) skin. I applied the PF brand on my LEFT under-eye; the BB brand on my RIGHT under-eye. Of course just to confuse things, my right eye is on the left in this (and all) photos, and my left eye is on the right!  On top of the corrector goes the concealer…

eye4In the above pic, I have applied the same concealer (It Cosmetics “Bye Bye Under-Eye”) to both sides.  Able to make a decision yet? Which side is better covered? I wasn’t.  So I proceeded to do my foundation.

eye5In this shot, I have most of my makeup on, foundation applied as per normal. Looking at this I think two things: One – these undereye circles are still visible (grrrrrrrrr)! Two – the two products have pretty much worked the same.  So here’s the final look…

eye6When I look at this one, I think that my left under eye looks somewhat better than my right! So, for me at least, the $25 product was certainly NOT the winner.  They ended up being pretty darn close. If you have nasty dark circles like I do, maybe the Physicians Formula corrector will work just as well, and you’ll save yourself a bundle of money at the same time!

Will I continue to use the Bobbi Brown corrector? Well heck yes. I spent some hard earned cash on that and I do fully intend on using it up. If I need a new corrector sometime in the future, my plan will be to skip the pricey one and go for the drugstore brand!  That said, there are a few items that I really LOVE that are high-end, things I think are probably worth the higher price, but I’ll save that for another blog post.  See you next time! 🙂

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