Inside the O’Briens

Well, here we go with another book review, this time by one of my favorite authors, Lisa Genova.  As a scientist herself, the author writes a completely authentic and interesting novel about one family dealing with the inherited neurological disorder, Huntington’s Disease.

inside obriens

We follow the fictional O’Brien family through the discovery, treatment, and final stages of this rare but devastating disease.  Would you want to know what was going to extinguish your life – and approximately when?  People with this gene can get testing to find out – but would you do it?  I really like how this question was handled in the book, regarding the four O’Brien siblings after their father is diagnosed.  Some might say this is a depressing book because it is SO true to life.  I happen to really enjoy these types of books…. I guess having a medical background helps.  I loved Still Alice, Ms Genova’s first book, recently made into a movie of the same name. It dealt with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  I also enjoyed Left Neglected, a book about the traumatic brain disorder called “Left Neglect”. Waiting for me to read on my Kindle I have Love Anthony – her book that peeks into the mind of autism.  I hope she keeps writing these fascinating books – and if she does, I’ll certainly keep reading them!

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