Yummy Breakfast Scramble

This morning I decided to try to use up some stuff in the fridge by making a breakfast scramble.  Sometimes I make omelettes (Greek omelette with Feta is one of my favorites), but I wanted to try something different today.  It turned out SO doggone delicious that I snapped a photo of what little was left on my plate and decided it was worthy of a blog post!

breakfast scramble

So, here’s how I put it together.  I had some onion and green pepper in the fridge that I wanted to use, so I chopped those up fairly fine.  I sauteed them in a little olive oil – because raw onion and green pepper are simply not too tasty in a breakfast egg dish!  When they were softened, I threw in half a chopped up tomato – not to cook it, basically just to warm it up.  While that was happening, I whisked together three eggs and about a tablespoon of milk. In my large non-stick skillet, I melted half a tablespoon (or as they might say in England, a “knob”) of butter. When the butter was melted, I sprinkled on half a bag of organic baby spinach – I’m guessing it was about two cups or so. I waited a minute or so until the spinach was starting to wilt, and then I threw the sauteed onion, green pepper, and tomato on top of it.  On top of all that, I poured the eggs.  It didn’t take long for the eggs to begin to set up a bit, and I used a silicone scraper to move the eggs around in the pan gently. When they were nearly done all the way through, I dropped on the MAGIC ingredient – some cubes of cut up Brie cheese (minus the rinds!).  I distributed the Brie bits on top of the eggy-veggie-goodness and at a low temp, allowed the Brie to melt.  OH MY WORD was this ever delicious! Normally I use cheddar cheese in my omelettes or egg dishes, but this Brie…. – holy moly – the Brie gave the whole thing such a lovely texture and flavor!!!!  I seasoned it with S & P, and hubby did what he always does, gobbled his down with plenty of salsa on the side.  It was served with a side of sourdough toast, and thoroughly enjoyed by us both! 🙂

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