The Silver Star


I recently finished reading The Silver Star written by one of my favorite authors, Jeannette Walls. Ms Walls had a very “quirky” (to say the least!) childhood and it really shows in her fabulous writing.  First off, I think her best book is still The Glass Castle, which was not a novel, but more of an autobiography.  I highly recommend reading it, if you haven’t! This book was fiction, but there were clearly traces of her rather bizarre childhood that came through in the story.  It is set in the 1960’s and shows the struggle for two young girls to live and grow with a rather non-functioning mother.  I really enjoyed this book, as I have all of her books.  It kept my attention as the girls faced many trials and difficulties that may have been typical for that era.  It was an easy read, not exactly compelling reading, but very good nonetheless.  Can’t wait to see what’s next from this author!

I wanted to add that I borrowed this book from my local library’s Kindle book “anytime” library. I may be 1200 miles from home, but I can still “check out” books electronically.  I do love so much of today’s technology!


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