Guilty Pleasures Tag


There’s a thing going around on YouTube called a “Guilty Pleasures” tag. Now, I do NOT make YouTube videos (I couldn’t handle all the criticism!) but I did think it might be a fun subject for a blog post… so what the heck, here goes…..

1. What TV show do you love, but should not confess to?  I am one of those crazy people who just LOVE “The Bachelor/ette”. I have watched each and every season, each and every episode.  It’s just fun (for me) to watch.  The other “bad” show I occasionally watch is “Millionaire Matchmaker”. Oh good grief it’s silly, but sometimes I can’t tear myself away.

2.  Food — You eat what???!!!!   Of course I think I eat mostly normal things, but yeah, I can think of one thing that I grew up eating – and loving – since I was a kid that may fit into the category of “odd”.  I really, really like cottage cheese piled up on top of cooked elbow macaroni.  They go together like a hand and glove 🙂  Ha!  Hubby looks at me like I’m batty every time he sees me eat this.  But then, he likes weird stuff too, like beans on toast and eggs on chips (fries), – oddball British “treats”.

3.  Music I love, but others just cringe at –  Well, this one is easy.  I LOVE Frank Sinatra music!  LOVE.  I pretty much love anything from the Big Band Era, and I’ve been known to turn the TV music channel to Classical for an entire day.  Cringeworthy?  Nah 🙂

4.  My guilty online habit:  Okay…. well, some folks would say “shopping” and yes, I have been known to do a little shopping online… but I really don’t do that much.  I guess my guiltiest online habit is watching YouTube videos.  I particularly enjoy watching people who review products that I might want to use or purchase.  I also have been known to spend ENTIRELY too much time on Facebook, playing games.  Sigh.

5. I love to wear ______, but I shouldn’t.  This one is easy.  Just ask the hubs. He HATES it when I wear my old purple sweatpants that are threadbare and have rips along the bottom of both legs.  Folks, I realize I am no beauty queen when I wear those things, but I LOVE THEM and have no intention of EVER getting rid of them!  Yep, I’ll keep wearing those sweatpants till they literally FALL apart!

6.  Movie you should not love so much – but you do.   This was kinda hard…. but I guess I’ll say most old black and white movies.  I love them SO MUCH even though the acting is iffy at times, and the sets/special effects are pathetic when compared to today’s standards.  “Mrs Miniver” is probably my ALL TIME FAVE black & white movie. I could watch it over and over and over. And have.

7.  Funny habit people comment on.  This one is easy.  I squeal at my husband while he is driving!  EVERBODY who has ever ridden with us has noticed and commented.  “John! John! He’s braking — he’s BRAKING!!!!!!” I can’t help myself. Clearly, hubby needs a little help when it comes to automobile operation!  (many would agree with that last statement!)

8.  Makeup look that you love that is Sooooo wrong –   Hmmmmmm…. first off – I really do love fiddling around with makeup. It’s fun! But a look that I love that is so wrong?  Well, I LOVE false eyelashes, but look like an idiot when I try to wear them.  I also love winged eyeliner on most anyone, but NOT ME.

Okay, there you have it – my list of eight “guilty pleasures”.  If you write a blog, consider yourself “tagged” to to this as well!  If you don’t have a blog, but just want to do it anyway – email me your own answers to “guilty pleasures” or leave them in a comment below.   🙂


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