A Memory of Violets


A Memory of Violets by Hazel Gaynor.  As if I needed another book, (NOT!) I couldn’t resist picking this one up at Costco a short time back. I had not heard of this author, but sometimes a book just screams at me and I’m powerless to resist it.  Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of historical novels and this one was set in two time periods, 1870’s and 1912.  As the subtitle says, it’s a “novel of London’s flower sellers”. Now I’d never heard about London’s flower sellers, or about the the kind man who created an orphanage for the little girls who barely existed on London’s streets, trying to sell flowers and watercress.  Give me a well written and impeccably researched historical that is based on fact, and I’m usually a very happy reader!  This one followed the stories of 3 young girls, one from the past and two in the present (the “present” being 1912). Of course the author expertly weaves the past with the present in a very readable manner. I truly enjoyed this book, and thankfully the ending did not fizzle, but kept my attention the full way through!  If you are a bit of an Anglophile, or if you just enjoy a darn good historical book, then this one is for you!  I will most definitely look for this author’s other book, The Girl Who Came Home.

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