10 Favorites from the Dollar Store

I’ll admit it, I love the Dollar store!!  Where we are, there are four “dollar stores” to choose from. Sometimes, having the word “dollar” in the name does NOT mean that everything inside is just one dollar.  My favorite is Dollar Tree, where everything is truly one dollar or sometimes less.  I also like the “99 Cent Only” store where most items are indeed 99 cents.  Then there is Family Dollar and Dollar General – where you really have to search to find items that only cost a dollar.   All the items I am going to mention and show are from Dollar Tree.

Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular order…

1. Solar Dancing Flowers (and figures)

solar flower

I realize these are cheap and cheesy (don’t judge me 🙂 ) but I can’t help myself, I like them. I have the scarecrow, several flowers, the pumpkin head, a snowman, a couple hula girls, and a few others. They are just cute and make me smile. 🙂

2. Cotton Rounds


You get 80 of these pure cotton rounds for a dollar. Mostly I use them with my Equate eye makeup remover, but they could have a myriad of uses!  Similar bags of cotton rounds go for 2-3 times as much at your local Rite Aid or Walgreens. I’m pretty sure they are NOT 2-3 times better than these!

3.  Nail file-buffer-shine thing

nail buffer

When I first got this little 4-sided item, I thought, “there is no way this little thing is going to work”.  I figured I would only be out a buck to give it a try. One side says “file” one says “smooth” one says “buff” and one says “shine”. I’m here to tell you that this thing WORKS!  It really evened out the ridges in my nails nicely!  If I don’t plan to wear nail polish, I can buff and shine my natural nails and they look quite nice!  Give this little miracle worker a try!

4. Nail Polish Remover

nail polish

Yes, you can buy nail polish remover anywhere, but this works great and is a normal (full) size and is only a dollar. I’m pretty sure they have the “gentle” type – which I think means non-acetone, or the “regular” which I think means acetone. Give me the full-blown acetone anyday. It works SO much faster, and if you are worried about it drying out your nails, you can always rub a little cuticle oil, coconut oil, etc into your nails when you’re done.

5. Mechanical Pencils


Dollar Tree usually has several different types of mechanical pencils you can choose from.  I normally get the 8-pack as shown above. We do a lot of crossword puzzles, so we need pencils AND erasers handy.  I do still have a pencil sharpener (or two) around the house, but for the most part, we use these.

6. Greeting Cards

greeting cards

Gotta love the selection of greeting cards at Dollar Tree!! Many (as shown in the photo above) are 2 for $1 !!  They do have a section of slightly fancier cards that are $1 each.  They have every occasion AND holiday you can think of, as well as packs of thank you notes and invitations too.

7. Teeth Whitening stuff

teeth pen

teeth kit

Don’t laugh, but I have used both of these items successfully. I first got the idea to try these products from a YouTube channel (one of my favorite people on YouTube, by the way) Elle Is For Living  (click on the link for her Teeth Whitening video!).  I realize that the bleach that is used with these is probably not as strong as the bleach you would get at the dentist’s office or possibly not even as strong as the Crest Whitestrips.  However, sometimes gentler (in the way of bleach) is better! If I used them consistently, I’m sure my teeth would look better – I need to get back at it! My thought is – give either/or/both a try! If they work for you, they’re only ONE dollar! 🙂

8. Reading Glasses

reading glasses

Honestly, you can’t get a better deal at Dollar Tree than the reading glasses!  Yes, they  are $1 !  At that price you can have a pair in every room!  I have one beside my bed, one in the car, one next to my computer, etc etc!  Hubby has quite a collection of them also.  Most are quite sturdy and come in all different strengths. If you happen to sit on them and they break, heck, you’re only out a buck.  I just wish they had SUNglasses at Dollar Tree!  I looked the other day and they didn’t, however, who knows what might come in when they start getting the spring/summer stuff?  The other thing about sunglasses is, you really should get those that have UV protection, and if that isn’t mentioned, then even for a dollar, it may not be a great deal.

9. Incense

cone incense

There was a time when people who burned incense were thought to be weird. Hmmmm, maybe that stereotype is still out there, I don’t really know. What I do know is that I love the smell of their Vanilla incense. You get 40 cones (as shown above) or sticks for a dollar. There are several scents to choose from, but I like the vanilla best. Usually I burn them outside. The sticks are particularly nice when you are camping – we light several which we stick into the ground in a sort of perimeter, to help keep the flying bugs away. I’m quite sure it works at least as good as a citronella candle and smells a heck of a lot better!

10. Kitchen scrubbies

kitchen scrubbies

I love having these on hand!!!  You get 6 for a dollar, can’t beat it!!  Personally, when I’m done scrubbing out a really cruddy baking pan, it’s impossible to clean the scrubber. It looks disgusting and it IS disgusting. So into the garbage or recycling bin it goes.  For less than 20 cents per scrubber, I can afford to toss it and get a clean one.

So, there you have it, 10 of my favorite, well used, and often purchased items from the Dollar store!!  If you have any favorites, please share in the comments!!


2 thoughts on “10 Favorites from the Dollar Store

  1. I like the $1 stores too! Great place to pick up little gifts, some things you need.
    When I was in Hickory, NC, I think there were about equal to churches and dollar stores!

    Are you two coming back to WA soon? How’s John’s health? Think of you two lots!

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