A Long and Lonely Road

katie flynn

I recently finished another WWII tale set in and around Liverpool, England.  It’s the first book I’ve read by this author and I was honestly quite impressed!  I’ve found, over the years, that some of these English authors can really tell a heck of a story – and what’s nice about it is that while you get a great story – you also get a dose of history. Personally, I love learning what it was like to live in those years, what it may have been like a a young child to be evacuated to the country without your parents, and how women on the homefront coped.  Holy smoke, did they ever have a LOT to deal with. Shortages, rationing, husbands in harm’s way, jobs outside the home (something new to many in those days), and the ever present fear of being bombed. Anyway, Katie Flynn wrote a great novel about a young mother of two and how she dealt with all of the above.  I really enjoyed it, and will read more by this author for sure!  I never seem to tire of reading about this era~ however, I will leave England and the 1940’s for my next book. The next one is set in the 1860’s during the US Civil War.  And no, I pretty much NEVER tire of reading all things historical! 🙂

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