A family Christmas

1As I write this, I’m still reveling in the joys of a family Christmas.  Last year we weren’t home at Christmastime… we were in southern California, mentally preparing for the big cross-country motor home trip that would commence on December 31st.  I’ll admit, I really missed everyone during the seven months we were gone, but I felt it most keenly at Christmas.  I was determined that “next year” would be different….. and it was – much different in the best sort of way. We had an entire week of “Christmasing” with all of our kids and grandkids.  Who could ask for anything more? 🙂   I’m so happy and feel truly blessed that we were able to spend time with nearly everyone.

For the fun of it, I decided to try to use my “movie maker” software, already loaded onto my laptop, and put some video as well as still photos together into a “movie” of sorts.  It was an experiment, but I had fun figuring out a few of the ins and outs of compiling photos and video. No, it’s not a masterpiece by any means, but will be a nice keepsake of our awesome time spent with family.


Here’s hoping everyone had a peaceful, blessed, merry, and bright holiday…. and now we begin to look forward to the New Year -2015!


2 thoughts on “A family Christmas

  1. Lovely Susan……………I had a lump in my throat all the way through that. So glad you had such precious times, recorded forever more…………….Hugs Glenda XX

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