Someone by Alice McDermott


This book recently jumped off the shelves of our local library and into my hands.  What could I do?  I took it home and read it, not having for even one moment, either heard of this book or or read anything at all by this award winning author.  One might say this is a book about “nothing”…. and yet, it’s a well written chronicle of an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, starting in pre-WWII Brooklyn, New York.  I loved how the author recreated what I am quite sure were very realistic scenes of those years in Brooklyn, and possibly (probably) just about any other mid-sized town in the USA.  I love going back in time… to simpler times — however many of the problems that the main character, Marie deals with are still around today.  I won’t go into a plot on this one – I knew absolutely nothing about this novel, refusing to read the inside cover beyond the first two or three sentences.  I was glad to NOT know what was going to happen, and just let the book flow.  At first it was a tiny bit of a struggle getting used to the vacillating between the early years and the years with Marie as an adult woman…. but it all fell into place and I really enjoyed this book….. this book about nothing but ordinary life.

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