Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor



It took me WAY too long to finally listen to this engaging novel, the latest in Dr Patrick Taylor’s “Irish Country” series.  I should clarify and say that he does have another new edition coming out next month entitled “An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War”.  For now, this is still the newest addition to this entertaining series, and I’ve had it for nearly a year!  As is the case with all the other books in the series, I listened to this one on CD.  Again, I was enthralled with the fabulous narration/reading by the talented John Keating.  I know I could have read all these books, but once I started listening, I can’t imagine “reading” one of these any other way.  I probably should say that “anyone would love these novels” – and possibly that’s true…. but to be totally honest, I think a person must have at least some interest in medicine, to thoroughly enjoy this book.  I had no problem following the dual story lines… one set in the late 1930’s and the other in “modern day” –  for this book is the mid 1960’s.    I’m completely attached to all the quirky characters, and feel like I know them all!!  Can’t wait for the next installment!


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