The Light Between Oceans


I downloaded this book to my Kindle a long time ago.  I knew it was going to be a good one, so I waited to read it until I could totally savor it.  It was worth the wait!  I may be one of the last persons in North America to finally read this fabulous book, written by an Australian author.  After burying three babies of her own, Isabel hears the faint cry of a newborn, coming from a boat that has washed up on the beach of the island lighthouse off the coast of Western Australia.  What she and her husband (the lighthouse keeper) decide to do with this baby, is what makes the story a real page-turner!  Loved this book and highly recommend.  If you like books with realistic versus fantasy endings, you’ll enjoy this one.  A great read!


2 thoughts on “The Light Between Oceans

  1. I have had this book recommended to me by my Californian pen-pal…………I have had it on my eBay watch for so long……… have convinced me now to buy it!

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