Conversation with a floor mopping hubby

Okay, so I’ve been totally out of the blogoshpere (is that word?) for much too long.  I won’t say I’ve made a New Year’s resolution to blog more because I haven’t.  I thought about making this blog more of a book blog, but decided I didn’t want to limit it to just that.  After all, I did a HORRIBLE job of keeping up with the books I read last year – why would I narrow my own scope like that?   Today it occurred to me that I can continue to just share pieces of my life and who knows, some of it might even be interesting 🙂    Which brings me to a conversation I had a couple days ago with my darling hubby.  I do do do love him dearly, and appreciate him, yet he never fails to amaze me.   The following is an excerpt from an email I sent to a friend……

MRemember yesterday when I was telling you how sweet it was that hubby vacuumed (till it blew up- yes, it literally imploded!) and mopped the kitchen floor?  Today….. I was commenting on the floor and he said, “yeah, the water in the KITCHEN SINK was black when I was done mopping!”   I about had a heart attack.  I tried to be calm when I replied, “you used the KITCHEN SINK as a bucket?”  He said… “well, yeah.”  Again I tried to remain calm when I said, “please, NEVER EVER EVER do that again.”  Then I noticed something else …. (this was all while I was doing dishes this morning)…. and I asked him…. “did you happen to use DAWN DISHWASHING LIQUID to mop the floor?”  At first he said …”noooooo…..” and I said…. “John, are you going to burn in hell for that lie?”  He said, “maybe”.  I said, “so you DID use DAWN DISHWASHING LIQUID to mop the floor!”  He replied, “possibly”.  Groan.  It’s obvious I need to get one of those new “Shark” floor mopper thingys.  Then he can’t ever use the kitchen sink as a bucket (GROSS!!!!!!!) and hopefully Dawn dish washing liquid will be used for just that – washing dishes.  All this from a man who was trying to be helpful a month or so ago by doing the laundry.  I got home from work one day and noticed that the clothes he’d washed sure did smell nice –  really strong perfume smell – and I said, “sweetie, which laundry soap did you use?”  “Oh, the stuff in the blue container….”  He washed the clothes in DOWNY!!!!!!  Now the bottle of Downy has a message written all over it in black sharpie: THIS IS FABRIC SOFTENER. USE FOR RINSE ONLY.  Sigh.   Living with an Englishman…….  🙂

Life is never dull with my very own Englishman!  Love him to the moon and back! 🙂    union jack

2 thoughts on “Conversation with a floor mopping hubby

  1. FYI – Dawn is a great degreaser! So don’t be too hard on him. One time Steve was so proud of himeself for waxing the kitchen floor, but didn’t mop it prior to waxing! So, things could be worse!

  2. I caught Noel doing the same thing in the caravan…………using the small sink as his mop bucket, but at least he was using floor cleaner! Glad to see you back on your blog……..have missed your book recommendations through 2012!!

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