Our California Home

I’m sure everyone pretty much knows that we purchased a home in the California desert last year.  We were blessed to be able to buy it at a rock bottom price (while the real estate market was in the toilet, so to speak), and hope that it will be a wise investment over the years.  We’ve spent lots of time there working hard, especially hubby who is honestly a Mr Home Handyman Extraordinaire.  He painted and put together oodles of Ikea furniture. He dug and planted and transplanted.  He washed windows and drove around the Coachella Valley with me, looking for useful household items we needed.  The biggest and most stressful part of his “job” BY FAR, was overseeing the construction of our new saltwater pool and spa.  We were apart for 8 weeks while he was in California keeping a keen eye on ALL the goings on, from the initial dig to learning the fine tuning of the pool equipment.  This two weeks off work I gave up my dreams of a New England cruise up and around the Canadian Maritimes and down the St Lawrence Seaway to Quebec City.  Oh well.  Another year, maybe… Lord willing.  No, instead, we are spending our time finalizing our home, to ready it for the winter vacation renters that are on their way!  Our biggest hurdle this time was landscaping.  I’m happy to report that as of today, the landscaping is d.o.n.e.  YAY!!!!  We are still doing a bit of careful planning for our upcoming renters… for instance: We’ve been watching “Dexter” on DVD and noticed a problem with our DVD player.  I was peeling potatoes the other night for dinner and I realized our peeler was NOT peeling!  Had to replace it.  We’ve arranged the bookshelf and added some games.  We’ve purchased plenty of paper towels, kleenex, and TP…. as well as laundry detergent and dryer sheets.  We’ve got the new bed sheets & towels washed and ready to go.  Shockingly we discovered a mouse  had decided to enter our home while we were gone these last three months.  So glad WE discovered this and not a renter!  The exterminator has been contracted and the offending rodent has been removed and all possible openings have been CLOSED.  We’ve sprayed for bugs and spiders.  We’ve met the new pool guy who visits twice a week.   So, finally I think we can breathe a sigh of relief and say, “it’s ready”.  So…. here are a few before and after photos.

Hubby built the fence and gate to hide the pool equipment. Then we needed landscaping…

The patio has been tiled and things are looking much neater!

Here’s the walkway from the Master Bedroom patio, down to the pool… before we finished the landscaping.

Ahhhh, looking much better! We do have some “baby” plants that will grow and fill in as time goes by.

The bare area between the pool and fence near the golf course…

View from the spa, over to the patio. New plants along the fence which will grow and fill in, and a new Mediterranean Fan Palm down by the gate.

Looking towards the house…. we did relocate the palm at the corner – the gardeners said that it was a must do as it was too close to the house. I hated to move it!

Looking much neater here. We have planted some nice plants where the palm was and I can’t wait for them to grow big and beautiful.

Now a one last photo of the “finished product.

One of my favorite views of the pool and patio area 🙂

We’re not quite done with “everything”, but we’re close.  Now, maybe we’ll do a little fun stuff before the vacation is completely over! Hubby has promised me at least one visit to In-N-Out Burger! 🙂  If anyone is interested in a nice vacation rental, do check out our website at: www.MountainVistaPalmSprings.com   We still have November and December 2012 open!


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