Time for a big change

I have a funny feeling that our lives are about to make a big change.  It looks like the long awaited twins will be arriving sooner rather than later.  Possibly as soon as next week.  The huge worries about their health and well being, while not totally gone, are much eased.  The doctors  guess that the twins are approximately 4 1/2 pounds each.  Considering where they were back on January 13th, that scary Friday the 13th when dear DIL had to be transported via ambulance at 24 weeks to a Seattle hospital, we now have a couple of “big babies” on our hands!  There was one thing I decided NOT to mention to my son and DIL at that very scary time.  Someone at my hospital gave birth to 24 week twins that same weekend.  One died the next day, and I’m not sure if the other one survived or not.  By the grace of God, we did NOT have twins that weekend.

Now we approach the time when two new little people will enter the family.  Other than by marriage, we haven’t added anyone to my side of the family in 33 years!  It’s about time!! 🙂  I remember when I had my first baby.  Life was suddenly different, never to be the same again.  Now it’s my turn to sit back and watch it all happen.  It’s wonderful, exciting, tiring, miraculous, precious, exhausting, and unforgettable.  We’ve heard the term “the new normal” bantered about quite a lot these days…. in reference to monetary things.  Well, my son and DIL are about to slip into their own “new normal” –  which, lets be honest, equals CHAOS!  You will think you are the ONLY people awake in the middle of the night feeding two little babies.  You will shocked at all the diapers you’ll go through.  There will be times you will think… or say out loud…”I can’t believe ALL THIS came out of one tiny baby!!” You will be amazed at the amount of laundry two infants can make.  You will be surprised at how the days and nights fly by, with thoughts only of “the babies”.  Sometimes new daddies get pretty darn jealous of all the time the baby(ies) take from them.  Mommy’s focus must change somewhat, while the babies are little. New parents now have to face huge new responsibilities.  No longer is is just the two of you you’re looking out for.  It’s all a period of adjustment.  We’ve all been through it, and survived it… but it’s not too surprising that new parenthood can feel very overwhelming at times.  It’s also fun, and exciting, and terribly rewarding.  You are about to embark on a huge new journey… one that – contrary to popular belief – doesn’t end in 18 years.  Once you’re a parent, it never stops.  They’re always your kids.  No matter how old, no matter how far away they live.  This, my dears, is a journey for life…a journey you are blessed to be able to take.


One thought on “Time for a big change

  1. What a wonderful time to anticipate Susan. Wishing Matt and Melinda a very safe delivery and a wonderful future for them all. Thinking of you……….Love and hugs Glenda XX

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