Wow, it’s March!

Well, I’ve been the world’s worst blogger.  Shame on me for not keeping up on the goings on around here!  First off, the twins update!!  Last weekend we went to visit the parents-to-be, and to help out with the big baby shower that was held on Saturday.  Since dear DIL is still on strict bedrest, it was decided that all showers be combined into one.  Therefore, work friends, regular friends, & church friends all got together on Saturday for a baby fest!!  She received all sorts of wonderful baby gifts and everything times two!  Here are a few snapshots….

The diaper "cake" 🙂

Measuring the mommy-to-be's girth... a baby shower game.

Later on in the day we snapped the weekly “bump shot”… here it is!

Looking good! 32 weeks with twins!!!

We are so thankful and pleased that our little mommy to be has made it to 32 weeks.  It would be awesome if she could make it four more weeks – to 36 weeks – but we’ll take whatever we get.  When I think back to where we were 8 weeks ago… I send up a prayer of thanks that the twins have been able to stay safely inside their mommy, where they desperately need to be. I am hoping to be able to be with our parents-to-be when the delivery happens… and then to stay for a while afterwards.  Of course I’ll be posting updates as they happen.

Since we have the twins coming this spring, we made NO travel plans for the months of March, April, or May.  I’m thinking that after the babies are safely home, I’ll be heading to California – probably following hubby down there, to help him oversee the installation of a saltwater pool at our new vacation/rental home!  We are SO hoping that this place will be a fun gathering place for our friends and families.  When friends and family can’t be there, we hope to be able to rent it!  Amazingly, we have already booked 2 full months for 2013!  Please do check out our website at :

More as it happens… from the Pacific NorthWET!  Yep, it’s pouring rain here again today….at least it’s not snow!!

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