Final post for 2011…. Happy New Year!

Since I have to work tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) I decided it was time to do my final post of the year tonight.  Yes, I should (Lord willing) get home shortly after 9pm, but it’s probable that I won’t want to write in the blog after a long day at work, so, tonight’s the night!

Last year I had every intention to “go through every cupboard, closet, and dusty box in the garage” in an effort to DE-clutter my home.  I planned to give away everything I didn’t truly love or need.  Well, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t get through every single drawer, closet, and dusty box.  I did get through a fair amount of my stuff and we did actually give away quite a few bags and boxes of stuff.  It truly DOES feel great to de-clutter, and I will once again make it a priority in 2012 to finish the job, yet undone.

I mentioned briefly last year that I hoped to lose some weight – for lots of reasons.  Highest on my list was to help my “broken” hip.  Well, I did lose some weight and am happy to report that this New Year’s Eve I weigh 13 pounds less than I did last year at this time.  Okay, it’s not great and I did gain back some of the weight I managed to lose, but it’s all okay.  I will start again at the turn of the year, and maybe next year I can report similar progress.

Next year we have a major event in store!  The birth of our long awaited, dreamed for, hoped for, prayed for, grandbabies!  They are due in early May, but realistically we know they will arrive sooner.  I am praying that they will make it into April… the neonatal nurse in me knows WAAYYY too much about “what could happen” and I try very hard NOT to dwell on any of that.  Yesterday I went out into the garage, into my craft cupboard and found a cross stitch sampler I started when my youngest (now 33) was a baby.  I don’t quite remember just why I didn’t finish it, but now I have MAJOR motivation.  Here’s a snapshot of it, taken yesterday. Oh yeah, there’s another goal for next year!  Get this adorable sampler done and ready to hang!

I’m also going to go back to putting my book reviews under the “Books 2012” tab at the top of the page.  I have a feeling that with the grandbabies (yup, a boy and a girl!) coming next year, that I will have lots and lots to put in the main section of the blog.

I’ve decided to get involved in a “reading challenge” also this coming year!  It’s called the “Historical Fiction Challenge 2012”.  I’ll be trying to read under Level Two – “Undoubtedly Obsessed” where I’ll be striving to read 15 historical books this year.  I think I’ll manage it, although believe it or not, I DO read more than just historical stuff, although it’s definitely my “go-to” genre.

I also have one final book review for this year.  Recently I finished reading a book on my phone.  Yep. I took advantage of the free Kindle app and it took me a year, but I finished it!  It was called “I Still Dream About You” by Fannie Flagg.  Her books are easy to follow… even though it would sometimes be days or weeks before I’d pick it up again.  I really enjoyed the book and will most definitely read more by her in the future! Well, that’s about it for my end of the year post.  As always, I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and wonderful new year 2012.  Stay tuned for frequent Twin updates… as well as much, much more!!


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