Our twins are growing!

Our twins are growing right along!  This week I’ll post three photos – all taken one week apart.Here she/they are at 14 weeks.

Here we are at 15 weeks.

And now, today at 16 weeks.

Our mommy-to-be reports that she is no longer nauseated – YAY!  We still don’t know if we have two boys, two girls, or one of each…but you can be sure when we find out, I’ll be sharing that news as well.  I’m excited that son #2 and our mommy-to-be will be coming to our house next week for Thanksgiving.  We’re really looking forward to it!  No doubt I’ll have more pictures next week, this time taken at our house!

Soon I’ll be posting about a great audio book I recently finished.. another in the “Irish Country Doctor” series by Patrick Taylor.  I’m still plugging along (what? two months now? tooooo long!) on a very good book set in Colonial times (1630’s) in Massachusetts.  I’m enjoying it, but would love to finish it and move on to something new!  I just haven’t had enough time to read lately.  This week has been spent studying for my NRP renewal (Neonatal Resuscitation) and taking the 9 tests online prior to the megacode in a week or so.  Fun.  Not.


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