A Friday in Fall ~~ plus Twin update!

Eight years ago I was finishing up my fourth year of living in the Southern California desert.  It was really fun to live in an area that was soooo foreign to me – weather wise, but after four years of “the fun” I was sure missing something.  Missing it real bad.  That something was the changing of the seasons.  For the most part, the trees never lose their leaves in Palm Springs.  If an evening temp gets down to the 40’s (around 7C for my non-American readers), well, that’s pretty miraculous.  I think what I missed most was Autumn.  I love the changing colors, crisp days, extra blue skies, or – the pouring rain like we had today.  Today was lovely.  We didn’t have to go anywhere… and I sure do enjoy my days at home.  Hubby and I got the house nice and clean and also performed an autumn rite of passage…. we put the flannel sheets on the bed today!  Ohhhhh I DO love the coziness of flannel sheets 🙂  Eight years ago, there were NEVER any flannel sheets on the bed.  I rarely made hot soups on weekend evenings, and huddling up before the fireplace was unheard of!

Today I also fired up the oven and baked a batch of yummy pumpkin-apple-walnut muffins… oh the delectable aromas in our house!  That and my wonderful “Scentsy” warmer with “Sentimental Cider” making our home smell heavenly.  For dinner I made a delicious meal of pork chops with apples, garlic smashed potates, and sauteed brussels sprouts with lemon zest.  Ahhhhhhhh……. the joys of Autumn.

Last week we made a trip over the mountains to visit family.  It was probably the last trip over with our motorhome, until spring.  There’s just no chance we want to have to drive that thing in the snow.  Anyway, we had a nice visit with Son #2, dear DIL and my brother.   I am hoping to get weekly updates in the way of “baby bump” photos that I can share.

Here is dear DIL at 12 weeks.

Then on Monday, they had another ultrasound… Here are the twins, both looking great according to the Doc. 🙂

Then today I received the latest baby bump photo….Still pretty tiny, but definitely growing!! 🙂  Won’t it be fun to watch the twins (and dear DIL) grow?!

Here are a couple more photos from last week’s trip.

I’ll end this post with a Happy Halloween greeting from our beautiful black cat, Mr. Jinx!!


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