Twins update

I have a feeling that I’ll be doing LOTS of these “Twins updates” in the coming months.   Since we live 250 miles away, I don’t know all the little particulars of every day, but I do know that dear DIL is still feeling pretty yuckky much of the time.  She says that if she forces herself to eat, then she actually feels a little better.  She is still awfully tired, and just going to work every day really takes it out of her.  I tried to reassure her that in a few weeks, both of those symptoms should fade away and she should start to feel a whole lot better.  I do hope and pray that is the case.  I asked my son if DIL has a “baby bump” yet, and he just laughed.  Apparently the answer is “not yet”!  With permission, I will post baby bump photos (assuming I get some! hint, hint) and we can all watch our darling little embies grow.  Here is the most recent ultrasound photo – taken the last week in September.  Amazing, huh? 🙂

Last week we were in Palm Springs, looking at property – hoping to find a super reasonably priced vacation place for a rental investment.  While there, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to do a little BABY SHOPPING!!  I did find it a bit frustrating, though.  These days, everything – even from the tiniest newborn outfit – are gender specific.   Well, obviously we don’t know the gender(s) yet, so I combed through several stores, trying to find something CUTE and unisex!  I was thrilled to finally find a couple of adorable receiving blankets, bibs, and booties that have SHEEP on them.  I should say “lambs” I guess.  I have been a collector of sheepy things … well, forever!  So when I saw these, I just KNEW I had to get them. Pretty cute, huh??  I just couldn’t resist, I’ll tell ya!  I was talking this week with one of our twin moms at work.  Her two little girls are still hospitalized but she told me that she wishes she would have received more “practical” stuff for them.  She said everybody wants to buy clothes, clothes, clothes!  Well of course, because there are such incredibly cute clothes out there these days!  So I asked, “well, please tell me, what is practical?”  She mentioned bibs and diapers – and honestly I can’t remember what else.  Oh well, at least there are three bibs in my latest “baby haul”.  I feel quite practical now!

On another subject, we have indeed purchased a Palm Springs property for investment, rental, and vacation purposes!  More on that soon!!

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