Two brief book reviews

I recently finished two books.  One, the kind you actually read, and the other I listened to.  The book I read was Till We Meet Again, by Lesley Pearse.  This is one of my favorite English authors who can really weave a story.  I’ve read lots of books by Ms Pearse (one of my favorites was entitled “Written on Glass”) and I had very high hopes for this one.  It was set from the 1960’s to the early 2000’s and was about two childhood friends who lost track of each other and then were reunited in rather odd circumstances.  One main character was on trial for murder, and the other was her lawyer.  Most of the time I don’t really enjoy mysteries.  I certainly don’t seek them out to read… and honestly, I didn’t know this novel was going to be a mystery.  I liked this book, but I didn’t love it.  No worries, I still have several Lesley Pearse books in my to-read pile and even though I didn’t love the book, I still have great admiration for the author.

The book I listened to was “22 Britannia Road” by Amanda Hodgkinson.  This book was set during and after WWII in England and Poland.  The author did an excellent job of jumping back and forth between the two main characters (a husband and wife) and the years/settings.  This couple were separated by war at the very beginning in 1939 and miraculously were reunited in 1946.  The fact that they were able to find each other again played less into the story than just how their new life together was less than “happily ever after”.  This was a well written, well researched debut novel for Hodgkinson.  That said,  while I was listening I often thought “what a sad story”; “what a dark book”; “this is sort of depressing”.  For that reason I couldn’t give it 5 stars, but I’ll surely give it 4.  The narrator/reader was 5+ stars!  EXCELLENT narration!!  If you have never tried audio books, I highly recommend them!  Obviously there are some narrators/readers out there that are not great – but the vast majority are quite good and really add a little extra “something” to even the finest book.


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