We’ve got TWINS on the way!

I think we are still digesting the news… in fact I’m pretty sure we’re still in a little bit of shock — but it’s happy shock.  You see, back in April of this year Son #2 and dear DIL went through the frozen embryo transfer process for the first time.  DIL took all the pills and hormones and shots everyday for weeks to get ready for that transfer.  They drove to the clinic in Seattle with high hopes and many prayers were with them.  Unfortunately, the outcome was not so great.  ALL the embryos they had adopted had to be thawed, just to get two that were viable for transfer.  Son and DIL were most certainly amazed to learn that most of their embryos had failed to survive the thaw.  There were conjectured reasons as to why most didn’t make it – but at any rate the two that did were carefully transferred in what must have been a very bittersweet moment for our parents-to-be.  Ten days later, the blood test was negative.  None of their 10 embryos survived and they had to start the process again, the process of being matched with another generous family who wanted to give their embryos a chance at life.

As we now know, this time things went much, MUCH better.  The clinic only had to thaw two, to find two healthy thriving embies.  Those two were transferred and found a happy happy home in which to grow!  Last week Son and DIL went in for the first ultrasound.  I think it was with joy and amazement, as well as with prayers of thanksgiving that they actually were able to see the super-tiny beating hearts of TWO babies.  Wow.  Has obstetrics ever changed since I was pregnant!  I never had an ultrasound.  I think I heard the baby’s heartbeat once or twice in the doctor’s office, and only when I requested to listen in!  When my two arrived, I had no idea if they were boys or girls… it was an old fashioned total surprise.  You know, that might be fun when you are having your 2nd or 3rd baby, but I would sure want to know the first time around.  I think the curiosity would simply kill me! I was plenty curious way back then, but since there was no way to REALLY know (short of an amniocentesis), I didn’t dwell on it much.

Next week will be another ultrasound.  I think they want to measure the growth of the babies and of course count the heart beats.  It looks like the due date will officially be in early May, but since twins pretty much always come early, I’m going to be requesting time off work in April, just to be prepared.  I’ve had a “little experience” with babies over the years (ha!) and quite simply can’t wait to be a hands-on Grammie…. well, as “hands on” as Son #2 and dear DIL will let me!  🙂    More as it happens………………………….

2 thoughts on “We’ve got TWINS on the way!

  1. Lovely read on your blog today…………a joy to know that dreams of a lovley couple are being realised finally. And for the grandparents too! Hope all continues to go well.

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