Have you heard of “Pinterest”?

While I certainly don’t live on the cutting edge of anything, I feel like I actually did hear about Pinterest (pinterest.com) fairly early in it’s existence.   Just in case YOU have yet to hear about the joys of this website, then I am here to fill that obvious need!  Pinterest is amazing and I’m crazy about it!  Think of it sort of like visual bookmarking.  You “pin” websites or things that catch your eye online.  If you see a yummy looking recipe, PIN IT!  If you come across a cute piece of clothing, PIN IT!  If you discover a new decorating style or color or design, PIN IT!  If you’re like me and dream of fun places you’d like to visit someday, go to their website (like The Biltmore Estate) and PIN IT!  The possibilities are totally endless.  If you see a book you’d like to read or an item you love on Etsy, PIN IT!  If you are dreaming of remodeling your kitchen or re-landscaping your front yard – look for ideas online and PIN THEM!!  Here’s an example of a screen shot on Pinterest:

Did you know that you can also follow other “pinners” and see whats striking their fancy?  You can search for pinners you know by using your Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, or Google Mail accounts.  If you don’t have any of these, then I will invite you personally to enjoy the fun sphere of PINTEREST!  By the way, your pin boards need not be public.  You can keep your pins all to yourself, should you want to!  But it’s sure fun to see what’s catching the interest of your friends and family.

Happy pinning!!!


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