Hannah’s List by Debbie Macomber

Someday I’ll learn.  Light, fluffy, untrue to real life, romance novels are just NOT for me.  I grabbed this from the library shortly before leaving on a vacation and hoped that it would be at least tolerable.  A few of the characters in this book are part of this author’s “Blossom Street” series, and I actually have enjoyed some of those books.  This one however was almost what one might call “a total waste of time”.  So silly, so ridiculous, so contrived.  In a nutshell: Michael marries Hannah.  They live happily ever after for 12 years.  Then she dies of ovarian cancer.  One year later Michael is given a letter from Hannah – well, via her brother.  Hannah suggests three women that Michael should consider for his next wife.   Oh come on!  Who would do this?  Of course Michael checks out all three.  You know immediately which one he will end up with but it has to follow that ridiculous romance novel scenario  where they meet, like each other, fall for each other, then have a big falling out of some sort, then find a way to get back together and live happily ever after.  The funny thing — this was an audio book and during some of our driving time on the recent vacation, I popped in the CD and my dear, dear, long-suffering husband actually listened along with me.  When I’d say “lets find out whats happening with Michael and his three ladies” my dear hubby would feign excitement and say “oh yes, I’m dying to know which lady he ends up with…..!”  Lets be honest here.  I was bored to tears, and hubby, well, he loathed this waste of paper and/or CD’s.  Oh well.  We got quite a few good laughs, tittering over this silly nothing of a novel.


One thought on “Hannah’s List by Debbie Macomber

  1. Oh yes, I have come across a couple of those books Susan and I hate them. If a book bears any semblance as to what you encountered in this book, after a few pages it goes back to the secondahnd book shop pronto. Give me a novel with substance!

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