Apple Blossom Time

I recently finished this book by English author Kathryn Haig.  It was originally published in 1997.  Since I’m a sucker for all things 1940’s and WWII, I knew I had to nab this book off Paperbackswap.  Apparently this author likes to weave mysteries into her books – something I normally do not crave when reading a good novel, but it worked fairly well in this case.  The story jumped back and forth between the WWI era to the WWII era as the “herione” tried to determine why her family was so secretive about her father and what ever happened to him after WWI.  It was a quick read and not especially riveting, but it was okay.  I guess “just okay” isn’t good enough for me to want to pick up any more of her books… so, this was hello and goodbye to Kathryn Haig.  Oh well.  I have LOTS more in the WWII era, just waiting for me!

I recently came across a list of “best historical fiction” on the Paperbackswap website.  There were nearly 300 books listed by regular people like me who love historical fiction.  I came across three that I just HAD to have…. books I’d never heard of before.  I splurged and ordered them from Amazon and found that all three were written in the 1950’s!  Two are set during the colonial period of our country’s history and one is about life along the westward trail to California in the mid 1800’s.  They all sound like books I can really sink my teeth into!  Now the only problem is deciding which one to start first!!   Be looking for my next review soon as I’m getting close to finishing the final novel by one of my most favorite authors of all time, Belva Plain.

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