Open House by Elizabeth Berg

I just finished reading this lovely book yesterday.  As I’ve said before, I have read a lot of Elizabeth Berg’s novels.  Some have been brilliant, some have been just so-so.  While I can’t say this book was “brilliant”, I can say it was very, very good.  It was a quick and easy read – which is exactly what I needed as I have sort of bogged down on the heavy stuff in Ken Follett’s “Fall of Giants”.  This book is essentially about a woman in the process of a divorce, how her life changes, and how new and interesting people enter her life.  I found what I think is a very good review of this book on this blog.   Check it out for the full details.   As a coincidence, I’m currently listening to a new book by the same author titled “Once Upon a Time There Was You”.  This is a brand new book for her, just released in April of this year.  I’m happy to report that so far — I’m finding it quite engrossing.

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