A long post with pics!

It seems like I’ve had pretty much nothing to blog about in weeks!  Who wants to hear about my everyday… day-to-day life?  I have to wait till something at least semi-remarkable happens to blog.  Maybe that’s silly.  Maybe I really should blog about the humdrum, the run of the mill, but I don’t.  I mean, who wants to know about my latest trip to the grocery store or the outlet mall or the dentist (I did all three today!)?  Who wants to hear about the insanely dreary weather we have trudged through since last November?   I decided with all the devastating weather that has happened in recent days in the midwest, that I’d just SHUT UP about the fact that we’ve had rain all but about 10 days since last N0v.  That I’d keep mum about the “S.A.D.” (seasonal affective disorder) that ALL of Western Washington is struggling through these days.  About how downright insane people from these parts get when we actually have two days of sunshine in a row!   Who would be interested to learn that we’ve been watching hockey, hockey, Stanley Cup Hockey, (GO CANUCKS!) and soccer, soccer, soccer of late?  Maybe it’s just plain wrong for me to use “we” in that last sentence.  Instead of all that mundane stuff, I’ll share our latest news.

The Chevy Blazer

Last week we said a final goodbye to our 2001 Chevy Blazer.  It was a great car for us for several years and certainly served it’s purpose of keeping me safe in the snow and heavy rain on my way to work in the winter.  But all good things must come to an end.  With all of our vehicles rapidly approaching or reaching the 100,000 mile mark, we needed something with a bit of life left in it.  It also needed to be 4WD and able to navigate the steep hills of our neighborhood in the snow.  This new vehicle also needed to be reliable and priced fairly reasonably as well as good on gas.  Hmmmm….. what did we find that would fit all these stiff requirements?   Meet our newest addition to the family:

Here it is, on a rare sunny day, our new 2011 Honda CRV.  This car does it all.  You just have to speak to it!  “A/C on”  “Fan speed three” “Call John’s cell” “Nearest McDonalds” etc etc etc.  It has a back-up camera (ahem. how have I been successfully backing up without it all these years?!) a navigation system … AND….

What’s this????  Oh.  Of course.  No car is complete without it!  A Wolverhampton Wanderers (English Premiership Soccer) decal.  Funny thing… here in the USA we call it a “de-cal”.  Hubby’s got me calling it a “deckle” – the English pronunciation  for a sticker you put on your car.

Buying a car is always an experience that I’d sooner forget….. yet this time it wasn’t too bad.  Hubby told “the manager” that he’d pay XXX for the car and after a few minutes “the manager” knew hubby meant business, and came through with the right $$.   ONLY FIVE HOURS later we walked out of the dealership as “Happy Honda owners”.  This is hubby’s first Honda and my second.  Son #2 surely remembers Honda #1.  He was the last person to drive it in 1995 when it was totaled on a snowy road.  Son #2 was just 16 at the time.  Honda #1 was a great car.  Hopefully Honda #2 will be as well.  No teenagers, repeat no teenagers will be driving Honda #2.

On to another subject: New Years Resolutions.   You may remember that early this year I decided I’d do my best to “go through every drawer, every closet, every dusty box in the garage” and DE-CLUTTER my home.  Well, my progress toward that goal is far from complete, but I have definitely made a dent into decluttering.  So far we’ve taken one SUV-load of stuff to the Goodwill.  This week I’ve gathered another huge black garbage bag full of stuff and more to come.  A lot of the stuff is clothes.  I’m happy to report that although it was NOT one of my New Years Resolutions, I’ve been able to rid my body of one and one half STONE of F.A.T.  Actually a teeny bit more than 1.5 stone.  Twenty-two pounds to be exact.  YAY!  I’ve looked at my clothes with new eyes and discovered a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to keep.  I (very briefly) considered a garage sale for some of our castoffs.  Then I remembered a promise I made to myself the last time we had a garage sale.  NO MORE GARAGE SALES.  I absolutely love to go to them, but putting them on is a different monster altogether.  No, I’ll donate the clothes and misc and I’ll be ever so happy about it.  On the subject of F.A.T…. I’d like to lose another 10 pounds and then I’ll be fairly content.  Not that I think that will happen right away.  It took 5 months for the first 22 to come off.  People have asked me the obvious question: Has losing weight helped the pain in your hip?  The answer: NO.  I’m sure it cant hurt to have less F.A.T. pressing down on my hip, but to be perfectly honest, the darn hip still hurts just as bad.  It is seriously messed up and I think it would kill me even if I were emaciated!!!   Which brings me to another subject…. FOOD!!

Here are a couple of my favorites….

Trader Joe’s Organic whole wheat pasta …. and a steal of a deal found this week also at TJ’s – “Green Fin” Organic white wine for a whopping $3.99!! Now I don’t normally seek out organic wine, but this stuff is SOOOO good! And the price is certainly right!  If you like white wine for summertime and have a Trader Joe’s nearby, DO TRY this Green Fin stuff.  It’s great!!!

So, I made a super yummy dinner the other night.  I used the organic whole-wheat pasta with leeks, peas, prosciutto, marinated artichoke hearts, and parmesan.  Here are a couple of pics of the process and the plated results.  I used a Martha Stewart “Everyday Food” recipe for inspiration.  I also made an easy favorite… slow-roasted plum tomatoes.  We love tomatoes and these that are topped with a few bread crumbs and some grated parmesan are “to die for” delicious.

I LOVE using parchment paper when I bake these tomatoes!

So there you have it in a nutshell.  My life for the past few weeks.  Here’s hoping it won’t be another month before I have more to blog about!


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