Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy

Yesterday on my way home from work I finished listening to “Minding Frankie” by one of my very favorite authors, Maeve Binchy.  I have read nearly everything by this author and have enjoyed nearly every one.  That’s not true.  I’ve enjoyed every single one, just some more than others.  This one was read by a narrator by the name of Sile Bermingham who I assume is Irish.  Since all of Ms Binchy’s novels are set in Ireland, and this was no exception, it was appropriate to employ this delightful Irish narrator.  Her distinctive accents only added to this nice little book which was all about a young man bringing up his newborn daughter on his own.  Well, not really on his own.  We get to meet many people who influence the raising of little Frankie – and it all made for great listening.  Actually, it was a delightful book ~ I truly enjoyed it.  I’ve loved Maeve Binchy since I read her first novel back in the early 80’s and plan to continue to enjoy her work until she quits writing or one of us moves on to our great reward!

2 thoughts on “Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy

  1. Hi Susan,
    I too have read all Maeve’s books and love them all. I have just read “Minding Frankie” and yes it was her usual very nice read. I love the way we are able to re-aquaint ourselves with old characters from previous books. However in saying that I do hanker for this author to branch out into something with a little more depth. Remember “Light a Penny Candle” “Firefly Summer” “The Glass Lake”? Now they were novels you could really get your teeth into. Like you, I hope that Ms Binchy has many more novels to write. I totally love her!!! Love and hugs Glenda XX

  2. hi there. im an currently readin “Minding Frankie” It is a very smooth read and im really enjoying it. I cant wait to read other novels of hers. Thats why im on the computer now, sense she is new to me i thought i would look her up.

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