I’m a Royal Wedding watcher!

Okay, feel free to call me “bloomin’ silly”.  It’s alright.  But tonight I’m either staying up or getting up (not sure which just yet) to watch the Royal Wedding and all it’s festivities.   The wedding itself starts at 3 AM our time but the “pre-game warmup” starts around midnight, and of course I’ll want to be in on all the pre-wedding stuff as well!   I’m fully aware that it’s probably ridiculous to do this… but, I have a record to maintain!  Back in 1981, before we had the newfangled invention called a VCR, I knew if I wanted to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana I’d have to bite the bullet and get up to see the fairytale wedding of the century.  So I did.  I sat there in the darkness glued to the TV and watched what all seemed so foreign to me.  Well, I was the ripe old age of 26 and I’d never been to England.  Heck, I’d never been out of the country except to Canada and that simply doesn’t count!  I’d heard of castles and kings and coaches that carried beautiful brides — in books.  This was my chance to actually SEE it happen.  And watch I did.  Just me and my doggie, Oggie.  We ooohhhhed and ahhhhhed together all snuggled on the couch, enrapt in all the goings on.   Okay, maybe Oggie wasn’t quite as thrilled about it all as I was.  But we shared the moment together… and I never regretted actually getting up  in the middle of the night to watch the fairytale unfold before my eyes.

Then, many years later I was up once again, watching the horribly sad and unfortunate end to the fairytale (which had long since soured).  My roommate and I decided to watch Princess Diana’s funeral.  I know it was irrational, but I thought that I should watch it.  So we did.

Thankfully this time we are back into fairytale mode and it’s a happy occasion!  This time, I’ve actually been to London (twice) and have married my very own Englishman!  Since I’m not working tomorrow, there is simply NO reason to stay in bed and let this occasion be DVR’d.  Hey, I LOVE my DVR, but this is something I want to see in real-time.  So tonight…. when the house is quiet and dark, the TV will go on and Jinx (the cat) and I will watch Prince William marry Kate Middleton.  🙂  I’m excited.  There must be a bit of romance left in these old-lady bones of mine!   In honor of the grand occasion, I am making a special treat for Royal-Wedding-Watching.  I’m making one of hubby’s favorite British delights, “Cream Tea”.  Cream tea consists of Scones, spread with Clotted Cream and Jam, and Tea of course!  Since we don’t have a British import store near us, and I didn’t exactly plan far enough in advance to order it, I MADE the clotted cream instead of buying it ready made.  Here’s a link to a “bloody lovely” blog I found when I was searching for the perfect way to make the Clotted Cream.  She also had a recipe for scones and the “perfect” cuppa tea, so I copied it all down.  Check it out at:  A Little Zaftig.  Sometime in the wee hours, I’ll be up, finishing up the scones, popping them into the oven, and watching the newest fairytale wedding of this century.

Don't you love that Wm gave Kate his Mom's ring? 🙂

One thought on “I’m a Royal Wedding watcher!

  1. Dear Susan,
    I am sure you enjoyed the event. I am yet to watch it as in our house the wedding had to take a back seat to a football match! So I taped it on my trusty old VCR and will look forward to some quiet time in the coming week when I can sit back and relish this lovely occasion………..Love Glenda XXXXXX

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