Happy apron-wearing housewife

Today I decided to put a springtime tablecloth on our table.  This meant actually getting out the iron to press said tablecloth.  My iron often has a thin film of dust on it as I pretty much avoid it like the plague!  That said, I still do admire a nicely ironed shirt or what-have-you.  Fact is, I tried laying the cloth out on the table sans pressing.  It looked SO horrible that I knew my normal standby – the dryer – couldn’t even get the creases out.  Soooo, after a quick dust off, I fired up the iron.  Next thing you know I was busily doing what appeared to be a normal “housewife” chore.  It’s just that for me, it’s not normal.  And I’m certainly not a “housewife” ~ although I always used to WANT to be just that.  A housewife and a stay-at-home-mom.  It never worked out for me, however I won’t go into the “why’s” now, but it truly was an aspiration of mine.  After ironing the springy tablecloth I decided …what the heck, lets take it a step further and iron those matching napkins you never use!  Back to the closet I went and soon had the four previously un-used napkins laid out onto the ironing board.  It made me remember how my dear Mom taught me to iron.  She started me out on easy stuff like Dad’s hankies and worked me up eventually to ironing a man’s shirt.  She assumed I’d be doing a lot of that in my “housewife” years – after all, this was proper training for a young lady back then.  Funny thing, after finishing those napkins, I dashed back to the closet and grabbed 4 aprons that were sort of crumpled up at the back.  Hey, I was on a roll here!   Pretty soon I’d ironed them all.  As I ironed each one,  I remembered how my Mom and both my Grandma’s always wore aprons.  Guess it was “the thing” back then.  Ladies wore aprons while doing household chores.  Simply stating a fact.  Guess I broke the long-standing mold as I pretty much never wore or wear an apron… it doesn’t even cross my mind.  The particularly sweet thing about all these aprons was that they were hand made.  Three  were made  by Grandma and one by Mom.  Which brought me to another thought…. “people just don’t sew anymore”.  Another one of those “housewife” duties that has gone by the wayside.  Granny had a lot of fun sewing clothing for herself and family members.  Mom on the other hand was most often found mending something, not constructing from scratch.  Yet for some reason, she pieced together the over the head apron for me.  And I still have it.  It’s such a precious memory for me to think of my dear mother, making this sweet apron just for me.  I guess that gingham was a very popular apron fabric  back then… all three made by Granny were made of gingham.  She made them for my mom, her daughter-in-law.  I still remember Mom wearing the black & white one on Sundays in particular.  It was her “for good” apron.  Take a look at the detail Granny put into this apron.  She didn’t just sew it, she also embroidered it ~ ahhh…. another lost art.  All this remembering really made me miss these lovely, long gone female members of my family.  I don’t have a sister, I don’t have a daughter, and I am ever so thankful for my daughter-in-law!  My only familial female cohort.  Maybe I’ll have a second DIL one of these days ~ I certainly hope son #1 gets in a marrying-mood soon!!  Even though I’m missing Mom and Grandma today, I’m still a very lucky girl….even if I’m not a “housewife”.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  I AM a happy housewife several days each week and maybe I’ll even bring back that time tested tradition of apron-wearing…. and ironing…. and sewing…. and embroidery….. or maybe not.  🙂 

By the way….Woohoo for Youtube — I watched several fun videos on napkin folding today!   My goodness I got all domestic this afternoon!

One thought on “Happy apron-wearing housewife

  1. Dear Susan,
    How cute…………..you look so cute in those aprons and you sent me down memory lane as well. Those aprons you showed us are exactly the same as the ones in my Mother’s linen cupboard at home. All of them made by herself and my Grandmother, embroidered with loving care…….yes sadly we girls of this generation have largely lost that art….thanks for sharing your lovely memories………..Love and hugs Glenda XXXXX

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