Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

I finished this book today and honestly can say that it was an incredible novel!  Another book set during WWII but this one was from the perspective of the “everyday German”.  I am certain that  a lot of research was done prior to the writing of this book that focused on Anna, a woman who ended up having a long-standing affair with a Nazi SS officer.  This affair was NOT because she was in “love” but because they faced the same sort of shortages as  folks in Britain did and this affair meant she had clothes and food for herself and her daughter.   The novel jumped carefully between the war years and 1997 when Anna’s daughter began a study on German citizens during WWII.  I have read a LOT of novels set in this time period, yet this one was unique in it’s on way… in it’s persepective from a German point of view.  If you are at all interested in this period of human history, this is a fantastic, well researched novel.  I can’t say I “thoroughly enjoyed” it.  Much of the Nazi effects of the Holocaust are not “enjoyable” – and this author does NOT try to sugarcoat what really happened.  Yet, it was an excellent read.  In my humble opinion.

2 thoughts on “Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

  1. Thanks Susan,
    I will certainly try to get a hold of this book. I am so interested it that period of German history and it sounds like a very good read……Love Glenda

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