Some days are diamonds… some days are stones

Anybody remember the old John Denver song?  Well, I guess yesterday was one of those “stone” days for me… and I don’t mean stoned, either!  After hobbling around for the last 2+ months, I finally went back to the Ortho doc.  I told him that the ol’ hip was hurting MUCH worse than ever before and I was sure there was something not right in there, over and above the torn labrum that we knew I had.  It was clear he was in doubt, and that the answer to all my problems was to have hip arthroscopy.  After all, hip arthroscopy was more like a “first date” and hip replacement was more like a “marriage”.  No joke, this is how he described it.  Towards the end of the appointment it was decided that more X-rays were in order.  Well, YAY.  Finally.  Lets take another look in there, shall we?  About 20 minutes later, he sat down in front of the computer to have a peek at the new inner-me.  “Hmmmm”, he said.  “Looks like your arthritis has definitely gotten worse”.  Duh.  “Now I’m not so certain that hip arthroscopy is the answer for you, this arthritis is going to mean a hip replacement at some point”.  Yep, I knew it.  No surprise here.  There’s no way that labrum was making my hip feel as bad as it feels, well, not all by itself anyway.  It has some help.  Mr Arthritis is working hand in hand with Mr Labrum to cause me misery!  What I gleaned from this appointment:  My hip is bad.  I need a new one.  I am really a bit too young for a new one, because in theory it won’t last through my lifetime (barring any head-on’s on the freeway) and will have to be revised at some time.  Hip revision surgery is much more difficult/in depth than the original replacement surgery.  There are many new types of implants coming out in the near future – if I can only hang on and see if one of them will be good enough to last out my lifetime.  I need to keep losing weight.  12 1/2 pounds is nice, but don’t quit now.  I need to go to physical therapy for a few sessions – to learn how to do at home hip exercises.   Getting old sucks.

So, there you have it, my appointment in a nutshell.  Guess I’ll be hobbling around for while as I await old age or a super-duper-modern-last-forever hip implant to come on the market.

On a happier note, I got a new crown on my molar today!  At least the tooth was salvageable.   On a MUCH happier note, we leave for a very short but sweet trip to Hawaii (Maui) on Tuesday.   My goal for this trip is twofold.  Snorkel.  Kayak.  End of story.  Something tells me that getting to some warmth, sunshine, and salt water is EXACTLY what the old hip needs right now.  Maybe I can write off this trip as “medical expenses”???


4 thoughts on “Some days are diamonds… some days are stones

  1. Short or not, Hawaii sounds like a dream, have a wonderful time. Sorry about the hip, one of the nurses I work with had a hip replacement 7-9 years ago which would make her a bit younger than you are now. She has gotten along very well, her son had one as well I think before hers. So maybe it wouldn’t be too bad now.

  2. Oh dear SUSAN,
    So sorry to hear the bad news about your hip. Hang in there and hopefully the physio and exercises will help and losing weight too………but we all know how hard that is to do at our age. Do enjoy the trip to Hawaii and soak up that sun and surf!
    Love and many hugs Glenda XXXXXXX

  3. Hi Susan,
    I was sorry to hear about your hip. Hope you’re enjoying Hawaii. I also hope you and John are safe from the tsunami and are in an area where you’re still having fun. Give him our love.

    Elaine and Irv

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