The Queen’s Fool

Well I’ve done it, I’ve read yet another historical novel by Philippa Gregory.  This time it was  The Queen’s Fool which was set primarily during the reign of Queen Mary (aka “Bloody Mary) – the daughter of King Henry VIII and Katherine of Aragon.  Her reign was short, only five years and considered quite unfruitful.  She failed to restore England to Roman Catholicism as she had hoped, and also lost Calais to France.  This book was interesting in that the perspective of the Queen and her Court was from a fictional young woman, a “fool” – or jester if you like.  This may not sound like a “riveting” novel, but it WAS highly interesting and I never got lost in the sea of Lords and Ladies, Your Highness, and Your Grace.   I have been trying to read these novels in chronological order, ever since I fell hard and fast for The Other Boleyn Girl.  For any who are interested, here is the list of her “Tudor related” books in chronological order:

1. The Constant Princess
2. The Other Boleyn Girl
3. The Boleyn Inheritance
4. The Queen’s Fool
5. The Virgin’s Lover
6. The Other Queen

Obviously my next will be The Virgin’s Lover which I’m assuming must be about Queen Elizabeth I.  Since I can take only small doses of English history in this time period, it may be a few months before I move along down the list.  I also should note that I never did read book one, “The Constant Princess” and probably won’t.  I’ve nearly finished another audio book too, so be looking for that review to appear any day now!

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