“diet” an ugly, four letter word

I shouldn’t call it a “diet”.  I hate that word.  But, that’s sort of what it is.  Yep, hubby and I are actually TRYING to drop some tonnage … and I mean we are truly trying.  I used to combine diet and exercise and have actually had good success with it -but my bad hip (yes folks, it is truly a BAD hip) really restricts how much true aerobic exercise I can do.  So, it’s time to watch our intake to preserve what joints we do have left!   Our big deal is not only less food, but better food.  Believe me, I do know what I ought to do.  It’s the gumption to DO it!  One glass of wine, not two.  NO chips (my biggest weakness).  Drink more water, even when you’re definitely not craving it.  Oh yeah, I know what to do, but doing it – well that’s another thing.  We’ll see how we do.  Somehow, when your health and mobility could be at risk, motivation makes a reappearance!  Motivation.  It’s a good thing.

One thought on ““diet” an ugly, four letter word

  1. Dear Susan and John,
    Motivation is the key for sure…………but where do you find it. Noel and I so need to drop kilos after our big trip last year and Xmas and New Year. Me breaking an ankle for a second time didn’t help. I too find that exercise is not as easy as it used to be….where did all these aches and pains come from? Sigh!! Good luck with it and wish us well too……..we need to be healthier as we go into our sixties 😦
    Love Glenda and Noel

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