Ta-ta, twenty-ten

Toodleoo, twenty-ten.  Can’t say that I’m terribly sad to see you go.  However I am looking forward to your successor, twenty-eleven.   I could be crazy, but I’m really hoping that next year will be a little less painful (in many ways) and a little more healthy (in many ways).

I’ll admit I’m horrible at New Year resolutions.  However…. (you knew that was coming, didn’t you?) I made one this year that I’m willing to share and actually blog upon in the coming year.  <is “blog upon” proper English?  I have absolutely no idea.> Next year is going to be a CLEAN OUT year.   I intend to go through every drawer, every closet, every dusty spider-infested box in the garage and thin out my belongings.   I will give away stuff on Craig’s List in the “Free” section.  I will donate it to a charity.  I will list it on “FreeCycle”.   I will give it to people who might need it, want it, or love it more than I do.  I will keep only the stuff that I love, stuff that I use regularly, clothes I can actually wear, or things that have serious sentimental value.  It will take me all year I’m sure to accomplish this task, but OH HOW cathartic it will be 🙂

Yes, I’d sure like to resolve to blog more often, but just as soon as I do that, I’d fail miserably.  So instead, I will say that the blog will be slightly different in 2011.  I will be incorporating my book reviews into the body of my blog instead of having a separate area just for books.

I do realize that I have yet to post Part Two of our Caribbean Cruise and honestly, it will be appearing VERY soon.  The past week has been a wild one for us.  We had Son #1 and his girlfriend here for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day – this was good!  Then I came down with a Christmas cold which lasted about 5 days – this was bad.  I had to miss work this week due to the nasty cold – this was bad…. well…. yes…. it was bad.  Then we needed to get over the mountains to see friends and family – sounds good, but it wasn’t.  We drove over the pass even though the big flashing sign said “Chains Required”.  This was sort of scary.   Shortly after we arrived, we learned that  our dear family friend, Doug, passed away before we got to see him one final time.  Obviously this was bad.  We did get to visit Son #2 and DDIL as well as my brother, and of course this was good.  But sad.   Today we returned home, to spend a quiet New Years Eve together with our Jinxie cat sprawled before the fire.  This is good.

I hope and I pray that twenty-eleven will be a good year, a safe and happy year, a healthy and content year, a cathartic year.

One thought on “Ta-ta, twenty-ten

  1. Happy New Year Dear Susan and John
    Wish you the best year ever, good luck good times and good health………….Love Glenda and Noel XXXXX

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