A book blog?

September already?!  The days, weeks and months are flying by before my very eyes.  Again I’ve allowed nearly a month to pass us by since I’ve posted on here.  I read a post on another blog recently that said the main thing about blogging is that you need to do it often or not at all.  Hmmmmm.  I’ve been really bad at the “often” part.  Maybe because I want each post to be interesting and well thought out.  Maybe I need to let that go… and just add more impromptu stuff that flies into my head and then onto the screen?   Maybe I should turn this thing into a book blog, as that seems to be what I write about the most, although it’s not immediately visible because my book reviews go under the BOOKS header at the top of the page.  Who knows, but I DO enjoy blogging and want to keep it up.  Maybe in 2011 I’ll post my book reviews as part of my regular blog, not as a sideline.  Maybe I’ll write more about our families, including about some family member’s quest for a very cool twenty first century way of adopting a baby, embryo adoption. Maybe I’ll try to anonymously write more about my job.  As you know, EVERYTHING patient related in a hospital is private… if names are involved.   I love to blog about my cooking quests, but it seems that this summer I haven’t been doing anything too special, unique, or wonderful.  Yet every year in the fall I get the “bug” to cook and bake more so that is on the horizon!  I’m good at writing about our vacations, and I’m happy to report that we will again be cruising in the month of November – yay!  I might even  surprise myself and be bold enough to throw in a political opinion now and then!     In summation, be looking for more to be appearing on More Mizsuzee’s Musings in the near future!  🙂

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