Shame on me!

Shame on me!  It’s been well over a month since I’ve done a blog post.  Shucks, I’m not being a very good blogger this summer.  Hopefully I’m ready to get back on track now.   I feel like I have been all go-go-go this summer and frankly, I’m ready to get a little laid back!  At the end of July we decided we better take Jinx our cat on a one night trip in the motorhome, just to see how he might handle the RV lifestyle.  We drove down to Anacortes, only 40 miles or so from home, and spent a night near the bay.  We made one major mistake on this trip.  We learned that Jinx really hates riding in the car, but tolerates riding in the RV, so in the future, we’ll bring the motorhome HOME first and load up Jinx directly instead of driving up to the barn where it’s stored and taking off from there.  Jinx wailed and yowled the entire way – and this was AFTER I bought him a “calming collar” with all those so called pheromones in it to keep kitties happy.   Once we arrived, turned off the motorhome and got set up, Jinx was fine.  We took his kitty scratching post, his kitty potty, and his bed as well as his favorite blanket.  Here are a few shots of Jinx on his first road trip:

"We're not in Kansas anymore, are we mommy?"

"A closet is a great place for a nap!"

"I'd like to get out of here, PLEASE!"

We decided with much trepidation that Jinx might do okay on a two to three day trip, but we were pretty sure he’d go bonkers if trapped inside for a week.  Hence, we decided NOT to take him on our next trip which was to the Oregon Coast.   We left here on a hot summer day (Aug 5), experienced ONE day of decent weather, and arrived home a week later (Aug 12) to a heat wave which we are currently in the midst of.  The week we were gone was cool, misty, breezy, and everywhere we went people were complaining about this being the nastiest (AKA=coldest) summer they could remember.  Well folks, it’s arrived late, but it’s arrived.  Summer I mean.  Apparently they’ve had “it” in full force back east, but certainly not here.  Till now, I mean.  We are currently running every fan we own to try and keep cool… after all, people around here don’t for the most part have air conditioning!  Here are a few pics from the coast trip:

The man, the beach, and a fire awaiting

The next day - rain surrounds the Astoria bridge

Our sunny day, looking towards Lincoln City, OR

Yaquina Head lighthouse in the distance

A closer view of Yaquina Head Lighthouse

There's seals on them thar rocks!

The obligitory seal 'close up'!

The RV park/golf course in Astoria

Rainy morning at the Astoria Column

At the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria. The Lightship "Columbia". She anchored at the mouth of the river from 1950 to 1979.

Despite the less than optimal weather, we had a lovely time.  We learned more about our motorhome, learned lots about Lewis and Clark at Fort Clatsop, enjoyed the sights at Yaquina Head, and all about life along the Columbia River as well as the treacherous crossings of the Columbia River bar (something both John and I have done and do NOT wish to repeat!!!!).

More next time about our murder mystery party which took place in mid-July!  Can’t believe it’s been a month since the festivities!  Be looking for my post about “A Taste of Wine and Murder”!!

One thought on “Shame on me!

  1. Dear Susan and John,
    At last a post from you……thought you must have hibernated since your last trip. Nice to see you are alive and kicking and having enjoyed two RV trips since the big one. Thanks for the photos and the news.
    We are off on our big adventure this coming 7th September. Will be sure to send you a postcard. Will be away for 5 1/2 weeks. Tell you all about it when we get back…… the mean time, take care and bye for now….Love Glenda and Noel XXX

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