Motorhome to Yellowstone Day Six

Hello everyone!  After yesterday’s marathon (11 hours) visit to Yellowstone National Park, I was simply TOO exhausted to do any blogging.  Today’s visit was shorter and thus, I’m here to share some of our zillions of photos.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in the park!  It was bright and sunny and warm.  Maybe even TOO sunny for a couple of fair skinned folks who haven’t seen or felt much of that bright thing in the sky for literally months. We both came back to our “base camp” with sunburned faces and necks, even though we did indeed apply sunscreen prior to leaving.  Oh well.  It was SO worth it!  We did the lower part of the “figure eight”  yesterday taking in such stunning sights as Firehole Falls (pictured at left), Old Faithful, West Thumb Geyser Basin, Yellowstone Lake, The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Lower Canyon Falls, and many other lesser known sights.

We also were ON THE LOOKOUT for any/all wildlife who would present themselves to us, the curious general park-going public.  Yesterday we pretty much denoted as “the day of the buffalo” as we managed to see them at nearly every turn, or so it seemed.  Big buffalo, baby buffalo, sleeping buffalo, grazing buffalo, we saw them all.  Here’s one shot of many we got of a family group of the happy wild bison. We saw many different thermal features too-  Mudpots, geysers, thermal pools, steam holes, and hotsprings galore.  Here is a shot of Silex Spring.  Can’t you almost smell the sulfur (rotten egg) odor emanating from this pool?

Then while watching Great Fountain Geyser erupt, we caught the eruption of White Dome Geyser from a distance.  Very cool!

From there we went to see Old Faithful.  We had about an hour wait, but took advantage of that time having lunch and checking out the awesome Old Faithful Inn.  I took a movie of Old Faithful doing it’s thing, and will try and post that at some point.  It’s not the most impressive geyser, or the most predictable, but- it’s the most famous and therefore was really, really neat to get to see it erupt.

Another place we visited yesterday was the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Lower Falls.  Just gorgeous!We went to many different areas surrounding the canyon and the falls.  The next photo shows a close up of the brink of the falls and some brave as well as very fit people who made the trek down to that lower level to see the falls up close and personal!!I’m going to publish Day Six now and continue on Day Seven next!


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